Bureaucrat Founder
  • I live in New York, USA
  • I was born on November 20
  • My occupation is Novice Writer, Novice Artist, Wizard/Sorcerer, Sadistic Manipulator, Conqueror of Worlds, Omniversal Traveler, Complete Monster Incarnate.
  • I am Male

Favorite Vilalins

  1. Darkseid
  2. Empero Palpatine
  3. General Morando
  4. Morgana (Tales of Arcadia)
  5. Zalgo
  6. Scarlet King
  7. Randall Flagg
  8. Bill Cipher

Favorite Villains that I created

  1. Nekrozoth
  2. Malroc
  3. Master Onslaught
  4. Grandmaster Chaos
  5. Artillery


Favorite Music

  • Be Prepared by Lion King
  • Crazy Equals Genius by Panic! At The Disco
  • When You're Evil by Voltaire
  • The Last of the Real ones by Fall Out Boys
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