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Okay so I decided to remake this proposal since I decided to merge Maestro and Ezekiel Stayne into the same character. 

What's The Work?

Multiversal Legends is a Wiki Fandom website that I created with the help from Heresjosh. It is a collection of online stories, character pages, television transcripts, and images on the FANDOM Wiki. The site later became a internet collection of user-generated story arcs and characters. In a extensively shared universe shared universe that portrays the timeless battle between good and evil.

Tales of The Omniverse is also a shared universe project that is currently in the works. It will involve FANDOM users/Villains Fanon Staffs like me, Xtreme Emperor, and Leobear Productions. So far Multiversal Legends are a part of this project, as well as Xtreme Emperor’s characters along with Leobear’s characters like Itajira.

Who's The Villain?

Ezekiel Stayne/The Maestro is a evil, diabolical elf who is one of the leaders of OmegaCorp and a powerful influencial member of the Empire of Eternal Darkness. Ezekiel Stauyne later becomes a monstrous sadistic tyrant of mutliple worlds with goals of taking over the omniverse, seeking to become a god even if he had to end all life in order to accomplish such goals. He acts as the right hand man to Nekrozoth after the recent "death" of Lord Marlus (former leader of the Empire of Eternal Darkness). 

What Has He Done?

Originally, Ezekiel was a leader of a cult of Nekrozoth worshipers who, along with his fellow elven cultists, engineered a war between his species and humanity which resulted to the near genocide of his kind, using this a means to motivate his kind to hate humanity and support his genocidal actions, further endangering them to extinction. When the Elves lost, he had his followers drink poison to avoid the consequences of their actions, however it was merely a trick to sacrifice them into givng up their souls so he could open a portal to Oblivion. After Ezekiel enters the realm of Oblivion, he was about to get eaten by a powerfu demon lord, but he came prepared and used a madellion to absorbs the essense of said Demon-lord; Taking his powers and killing him in the process thus becoming a extremely powerful demon who no sworn his alligence to Nekrozoth. He later joins the Empire of Eternal Darkness with the sole intent of either to destroy or enslaving the human race and to gain as much power as he could get. As a member of the Eternal Darkness Empire, he helps the Empire spread the will of Nekrozoth/Nekrus by decimating dimensions and enslave what's left of it for their master to rule. He manipulated the surviving members of his race into becoming Nekrozoth worshippers as a means to further his own agenda, making them hate humanity due the war (which he himself caused).

During World War II, he helped formed the Black Pyramid Organization, using Hitler as a pawn and scapegoat for their crimes that Hitler was accused of. Ezekiel was the one who summoned Niklovich and used him as a weapon to commit atrocities the Crawling Chaos committed. Ezkiel lead the Nekrozoth Cult in an attempt to summon the Prime Omegas by using the bloodshed of countless individuals to open a portal to them, which in turn would wipe out most of humanity. After the War ended, the organization disposed of Hitler once he served their needs, and killed him to leave no traces to them and fled to other countries before landing on America where they formed OmegaCorp. As one of the founders of Omega Corp, Ezekiel was responisble for creating artificial demons via mass kidnapping and having people be possessed by demons and used them as soldiers for the corporation.

Ezekiel later used his demonc powers to influence Deacon Helfyre, and used him to form a cult for him which later summoned him to the town/city of Anarchy Oaks. He took over the town and covert them to the Nekrozoth religion, hiring a mechanic named Anton Zements to build mechanicle robot soldiers to keep people in line while allowing Deacon Helfyre's gang to terrorize the populace.

Migitating Factors/Freudian Excuse

Well for starters, he was raised in a war driven land and saw his parents being murdered and tortured by humans who raided his small village right in front of him leaving him to be an orphan. Then was taught by a militaristic elf about Elves superiority and how humans were inferior. However these do not give him a hatred towards humans, what really got him to hate humans was because one refused to kneel to him. He doesn’t show any signs of care or horror when his parents were murdered as it has been hinted that he actually took joy in it, meaning he could have been this way since birth or simply doesn’t love his parents as much. Then there’s his “claims” of doing what’s best for his kinds by taking revenge on the humans and saving them from extinction. First of all, He was the one responsible for his kind being endangered species, having been willing to cause a war that led them to such a situation in the first place. He only uses the “potential extinction” as a means to manipulate his kind to hate humans further for his own agenda. He is basically furthering the potential of getting them extinct, hell he actually killed the surviving elves in his race just so he could escape and once they outlive their usefulness to him. 

Then there's the part of him working with Nekrozoth for his own schemes, which is when he became even worse by killing off other species as well; so the “humans destroyed my town” excuse became hollow. He is just an ambitious nihilist with a minor god complex and a petty vendetta against humans.Then there's the part of him working with Nekrozoth for his own schemes, which is when he became even worse by killing off other species as well; so the “humans destroyed my town” excuse became hollow. He is just an ambitious nihilist with a minor god complex and a petty vendetta against humans. Unlike the other members of the Empire of Eternal Darkness, he is not loyal to Nekrozoth what's so ever as he only works for him for self serving reasons. He wants power, so he schemed his way to demonhood and schemes further in order to gain godhood and thinks Nekrozoth is one of the key to gaining such power.