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What's The Work?

Pet Avengers: The Malice of the Maestro is a fanfic dark fantasy series about the titular evil Maestro hellbent on conquering the Multiverse and becoming a supreme god of existence. It is known for its many crossovers with other works both fictional and fanfictional.

Who's The Villain?

The Maestro is the titular main antagonist of The Maestro franchise and a monstrous dictator of several conquered worlds. Being a narcissistic megalomaniac, Maestro seeks to conquer the Multiverse and later expand to the entire omniverse and rule as a sadistic god. He the titular main/overarching antagonist of both Pet Avengers: The Malice of the Maestro, and The Maestro Among Us, and the unseen true main antagonist of the final season of Stuffed Animals: Life in Florida.

What Did He Do?

  • As Norman Osborn, he committed the same crimes he did in comics like killing Queen Varanke to make people believed that he is a hero: Created the Dark Avengers through former criminals: As a result took many advantage to become a great hero. Thinking he should rule the world, Norman created a atomic gene bomb created to wipe out most of the human population. Then he arranged the heroes and villains to fight each other to the death for the fate of the world. Even through their many attempts, the bomb went off killing almost everyone. Leaving the only survivors being Norman Osborn himself, and the remain super villains and civilians. 
  • Norman used the Hulk (who manage to also survived the explosion) to tortuously drain his blood in order remove his insanity. The experiments work but at the result of his skin permanently turning grin and his teeth pointed.
  • Taking control of what remains of Earth and killed those who dare stood against him, including rebellions who were so close to usurping him end up dead.
  • After learning about the Multiverse and decided to make powerful and dangerous allies whome he kept in line through his unpredictably dangerous nature. Earning him the fear and anxiety of most of his treacherous allies.
  • After losing his life, He tansfered his soul to Tsukene Aono's body out of spite, starting to revel in his handsomeness and vampiric powers. He learns how to transfer his soul to any body he could and took it as an advantage. Even some who survives his body-stealing powers ends up killed were then killed in his old body just to ensure that his new body was his and his alone.
  • Growing tired that his Norman Osborn will always have a archenemy who will try and stop him, he decided to body-jack Tommy Oliver's body, but was poisoned by him, so he resulted in killing Tommy to escape and save his own life. As a result he became Lord Drakkon, a Power Rangers villain with a sadistic god complex who's origins stayed the same as the original. Once Maestro learns of him, he went and made an alliance with Lord Drakkon, however he started to perceived him as a weak ally and decided to steal his body so he can get rid of his Norman Osborn body. Maestro killed him after words after learning that Drakkon poisoned himself to kill Maestro.
  • He ordered his minions to go back in time to kill his past self, so he could wipe away his life as Norman Osborn. However he also arranged to possses Sosuke Aizen's body, but soon decided not too after learning that Aizen is doomed to fail. He decided to arrange for the fusion for his "son" Steven Universe and Bajira in order to permamently alter time and space to make sure that Maestro is never Norman Osborn or Aizen to begin with. 
  • He decide to steal the body of Bigby Wolf/Big Bad Wolf and later siezed control of Fabletown and extended his power over multiple realities while making vicious allies in the process. Becoming a feared across the multiverse and dominated the Undertale universe with help from his allies. 
    He achieved on unlocking his ultimate form by killing and absorbing the attack from Sonic the Hedgehog and an alternate good version of Steven Universe. Gaining a new demonic hedgehog-like form, he revel in his new powers and decided that godhood is the only means to successfully rule the Multiverse and later the omniverse.
  • He has a long, long, long history of corrupting others who are pure of heart and turning them into becoming monstrous as him. Either through torture, brainwashing, threats, sadistic mind games, or manipulation.
  • His most infamous hobby is his equally immoral scientific experiments, where he callously tortures innocent people. His "experiments" have shown to be more downright sadistic and torturous and led to making army of monsters who are mentally broken.
  • One of his hobbies is raping woman, no matter how young, for entertainment. Also loves hunting down and killing children for his sadistic entertainment.

Freudian Excuse/Migitating Factors

Absolutely not. He is nothing but a completely sadistic, psychopathic narcissist and a mass-murdering megalomaniac with delusions of grandeur. He may have some comedic moments but doesn't stop him from being taken seriously, And moral agency? As his article stated, he gladly chooses to be evil and is certeintly aware of what is good and evil. Even if he claimed to have good intentions, he is nothing but a self centered spiteful omnicidal maniac with zero regards for anyone that is not him and only cares about is having complete control of the entire omniverse. He doesn't even give the slightest care for his minions as well, even when he treats them with respect and acts sociably gregarious towards. It was all mere facade and pragmatic evil, since he would gladly dispose of them, betray them, and leaving them to die or personally kill them himself. He is just obssessed with being all-powerful and becoming a god who rules the omniverse with an iron fist.

Heinous Standard

Well it is far more jacked up than even Multiversal Legends' heinous standards, since the Maestro category that almost everyone is a Complete monster. Well to me that is false, since it has been stated that certain villains are brainwashed or tortured to be monsters therefore making them either brainwahed/possessed or tragic villain by proxies. Maestro on the other hand is basically THE heinous standards, since almost every atrocity that happened in the story was basically his fault to begin with as he was the one who created all monsters in the series, turning peope of pure good into absolute monsters through torture, brainwashing, threats, manipulations, or sadistic mind tricks. Having committed more heinous deeds than any other villain and being treated as one of the most (if not the) evil characters in his franchise with even those who are as monstrous as him are scared of him. 

Final Verdict

Again it's up to you to decide.