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Not sure about this character but gonna give him a shot at this. Here's is ML's epitome of human evil (or one of them at least)

Who is he?

(Just gonna paste the info from his page)

William Braxxon, formally known as Cain, and known as by his henchmen is one of the major antagonist in Multiversal Legends. He was a gardener who was also the biblical Cain from Christian Era. He killed his brother Abel out of pure jealousy and as a blood sacrifice to Nekrozoth. For that, the gods Cursed Cain to walk the Earth for eternity.

He took many aliases during the 10,000 years such as Adolf Hitler, Julius Caesar, and many awful people.

Braxxon is also the leader of a ominous organization called the Black Pyramid Faction who worships evil inter-dimensional beings such as Nozmodamus, Sotan'Noth, Master Magus, Niklovich, Lord Dominus, and especially Nekrozoth.

He is also the Kingpin of the criminal underworld on Earth, where he uses blackmail, death threats, and manipulations to dominate the other crime lords.

In Champions of the Multiverse, He was the secondary antagonist of the first season (Along with Nyarlathotep) and a major antagonist of season/Phase 2 and later a minor antagonist of Phase Three.

What Has He Done?

As Cain he murdered his brother Abel out of petty envy, unlike the original he never felt remorse or insecurity and became humanity's first murderer. Afterwords he buried his brother's corpse, but was soon cursed with immortality by the Prime Alphas for his cold blooded murder. He decided to worship Nekrozoth, and walked the Earth becoming many of History's infamous tyrants such as Nero and Attila the Hun.

He formed the Black Pyramid Faction, which is ML's equivalent of the Illuminati, who's intention was taking control of humanity from behind the scenes and "divide them" (basically wanting to cause strife and hysteria and being responsible for most of the problems in modern times) so that they could prepare their master Nekrozoth in destroying them He disguised the organization as the Nazi Party, .He was also Adolf Hitler himself is basically responsible for all of Hitler's atrocities during the war. After the Nazis defeat, he faked his death and continued his illegal activities else where where no one can find him (as Hitler that is). Years later he found Braxxon enterprise as so that he get to control over many of the news network, television, radio stations, etc so that he can gain control over everything. He also owned his own Militia and hit squad called The Crimson Vanguard whom he uses to kill certain political figures, writers and reporters and anyone who could possibly pose as a threat to him. He was behind the assassination of many people like Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr. and John F. Kennedy as he believed they would pose as a threat to his plans for world domination (yep he is that type of villain).

Braxxon started the Pandora Project, a portal opening machine that makes rifts in reality so that he can bring Nekrozoth to the world. He tested out the first time with a human, mainly homeless folks but later did it on his own employees, but it horrifically kills them or just sent them into a horrible dimension.  The second time took place in a military facility, but caused an explosion which had a lot of people killed but Braxxon shrugs it off and covered it up as if it never happened. The third took place in the city of New York, which was the most was disastrous of them all as a horde of lovecraftian entities started coming out of the portal (which were not associated with Nekrozoth) and started slaughtering the people. Braxxon had the problem fixed, capturing many of the entities captured and/or killed and to be experimented. While having his men covering it up by killing off anyone who was affiliated with the incident including the scientists, then wiping any trace of them existing. Not even survivors and witnesses were safe from this, even those who tried to report it were snuffed out and not seen again (implying that they might be captured and killed). Braxxon covered this up by saying this was merely a "terrorist attack", and claimed that he will repair the damages. The result from this attack caused the deaths of millions, Braxxon did not even show a shred of sympathy or remorse. He merely repairing the damage as a chance to gain a more positive opinion from the public, putting his men in extremely harsh and hazardous conditions and blackmailed them into treating him like a good boss in order to maintain his positive status as a good citizen. Afterwords, he took control over the criminal empire from murdering the top crime family in the city, then blackmail other major crime lords into serving under him by threatening to harm their love ones or exposing their secrets to the public (both about their illegal activities and their most humiliating ones)

One of the most evil acts that he committed was the 9/11 event, he helped Al-Qaeda in orchestrating the attack by launching the planes at the Twin Towers so that he can have more "sacrifices for the dark gods".

When the Prime Omegas attacked the Earth, Braxxon secretly was helping them due to being their follower and was spying on the heroes's side on the war. However he was actually playing on both side, as he shown to be a backstabber who uses others for his personal gain including his own masters. In the main series of ML, Champions of the Multiverse, he was also responsible for most of the illegal activities going on in New York City such as drug trafficking, organize crime, smuggling, you name it. Also he helped a lot of villains including Master Magus, Havoc, and Ezekiel Stayne for his own gain and started a mob war with another crime-lord knowing that a lot of people might die. He also killed one of his employees for being late for a meeting, and often back-stab others to save his own skin. Also he is also heavily implied to be responsible for the organ donation of dragons knowing that they are sentient, and plans to use Jack Spark's dragon (which is an infant one) to be part of it (the crime is also toned down though). Also once his secret of his illegal activities were exposed, he used an infant as a hostage so that the police won't arrest him and tried to escape like a dirty coward. Then tried to cause a nuclear holocaust, planning to reshape the world in his image if he can't rule it (basically attempted mass genocide) and later tried to have Nekrozoth destroy humanity and gain godhood.

Mitigating Factor/Freudian Excuse

Yeah... no, unlike other versions of Cain who are sometimes portrayed as tragic and sympathetic with redeemable qualities, this guy does not have any form of redeemable traits in him. His excuse was petty, having his sacrifice/offer rejected by the gods over his brother's offerings doesn't justify his cold blooded murder of his younger brother nor his other actions. He did not show remorse over everything he did in his life, no have second thoughts in doing them. Him help repairing New York was merely a pragmatism as he thinks it would help him build up a good reputation from the public, also while he does have a pet snake he doesn't show any affection towards it and later abandons it afterwords to save his own skin.

He claims that he has "good intentions" as he claimed that he wanted to help humanity improve thinking they are cruel and corrupt. But he later squish this as his true goal is to commit genocide on them by having the Prime Omegas eradicate them all, and shows some hypocrisy since he is too cruel and corrupt showing no empathy towards any human character he comes across. It is also shows that he just seeking to gain control over the entire planet and gain as much power as possible, shredding any signs of good intentions even further.

While he sometimes can be as less of a threat whenever villains like Master Magus and Nekrozoth appears, he still show to be ruthless and cruel like them and still dangerous.

Heinous Standards

Now yes, ML's standards is pretty high considering we have villains like Nekrozoth and Niklovich. Then we have other human CM villains like Master Onslaught and Nazaroth (Nazaroth probably being the most heinous of the bunch in my opinion), however Braxxon while being immortal and posses some supernatural abilities does not have any advance tech like Master Onslaught or immense demonic powers like Nazaroth. Also he has done crimes like implied organ donation of animals (being dragons who he is aware are sentient) and attempt genocide via nuclear holocaust and through the Prime Omegas. Plus the other humans in his organizations are actuallly well intention extremist, who genuinely want to make the world a better place while others are either played for laughs or have reedeemable qualities. Braxxon on the other hand has none, and zero good intentions in mind going so far that the organization dubbed him as a madman.

Final Verdict

Again, not sure since I merely made a proposal on him because I thought I might give him a chance at least. Up to you to decide if he counts or not.

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