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General Information
Full Name Zoren'zoth (closest translation, as it's full name is incomprehensible)

The Zoren'zoth Hivemind
Lord Vekkisul
Malum Vekkisul
The Shadow Malum
Celestial Hivemind
Vekkisul the Tyrannical
Tyranny Personified
My Great Lord
Supreme Leader
The Ultimate Ruler
He Who Seeks
He Who Destroys
Our Demise
My God
Evil itself
Zalgo wannabe
Big black cock
God of Fear
God of Wrath
God of Control
God of Chaos
The Chaotic Entity
The Trapped Entity
The Dark Malum
Darkest of the Malums
Ruler of the Edge
King of the Edge
Ancient Demon
Ancient God of Chaos
Malsumis 2.0
Creature of darkness
Master of shadows
Omniversal horror
Our demise
Ruler of the Zetas
Prime Zeta
Hivemind of Chaos
Hivemind of Hatred
The Alpha Zeta
Big black b*tch-boy
The Omniwatcher
The Overseer
Banesian Horror
Terror of the Omniverse
Zentipotent Hivemind
The Umbra
Umbra Effect
Malsumis on steroids
Bastard omnihorror
The Omnihorror
Lord Maeror
Emperor Maeror
Master Nekrozoth
Great father
Chaos Stone
Chaos Incarnate
The Ultimate Being
Monster of Discord
The Eternal Shadow
The Beast

Origin Legends of the Omniverse
Class Celestial Omnihorror
Race Celestial Hivemind

Grand Malum (physical manifestation)

Age Eternity
Gender Presumbed male
Status Alive
Alignment No information
Personality N/A
Hair Color N/A (brown in human form)
Eye Color Presumably red (brown in human form)
Professional Status
Affiliation Dreadhood
Previous Affiliation Malums

High Elder Council

Occupation The Ultimate Lifeform

God of Wrath, Chaos, and Control
Supreme deity of the Greyhood

Previous Occupation Ruler of the Omniverse (momentarily)
Partner(s) N/A
Previous Partner(s) N/A
Base of Operation The Edge
Personal Status
Relatives No information
Counterpart No information
Hobbies No information

Flood the Omniverse with an everlasting hatred (somewhat accomplished; ongoing)
Drive the Malums and Elders to extinction (succeeded)
Bring hell for the Omniverse's inhabitants (succeeded)
Kill Daevas and later Velnias (both failed)
Slaughter the Prime Zetas (succeeded)
Manifest himself into Eldor in an attempt to harbor his existence (succeeded: ultimately failed)
Extend himself through other celestial beings (succeeded: ongoing)
Kill Crypt and the New Champions (partially succeeded)
Pass the Celestial Saphire on to Aka Manah in order to safeguard his own life (succeeded)
Kill Nekrozoth (failed)
Destroy humanity (succeeded; ultimately failed)
Save the Omniverse from man-kind (films only)
Reverse the effects of the Omniversal Wars (Worlds Arena)
Torture and corrupt Legend (succeeded)
Orate the events leading up to the Stellar Wars (succeeded)
Start the first Omniversal Wars (succeeded)
Disrupt order by releasing the Zeta Stone from its confinements (succeeded)
Exterminate the remaining Arch Malums <smal>(failed; ultimately succeeded)</small>
Break free from The Edge and unleash havoc on the Omniverse (no information)
Ensure the Dreadhood is victorious before destroying it from within (failed)
Break free of his reality and kill the Hollister (failed/succeeded/abandoned depending on ending, though he fails to kill the Hollister)


Absolute immortality
Umbral mimicry
Fourth wall awareness
Omniversal telepathy
Omniversal manipulation
Insanity inducement
Time control
Portal creation
4th wall awareness
Storm generation
Curse inducement
Death inducement
Pocket dimension creation
Psionic imprinting
Avatar manipulation
Enhanced senses
Chaos manipulation
Darkness mimicry
Anti-God physiology
Anitmatter manipulation
Chaos magic
Hell-fire manipulation
Spatial-temporal lock
Paradox inducement
Power bestoment
Logic manipulation
Enigma manipulation
Laser manipulation
Shadow manipulation
Electricity mutation
Omniversal travel
Absolute senses
Grand design construction
Pataphysics manipulation
Cursed weaponry
Size manipulation
Fire mimicry
Water mimicry
Power replication
Master manipulation
Genius-level intellect
Intimidation factor
Consciousness shattering
Destruction negation
War magic
Nosokinetic creation
Soul manipulation
Darkness mimicry
Zentipotence (only when at peak power)

Abilities Mastery of manipulation

Superior intellect
Cult following
Intimidation factor
God status

Type of Power Chaotic Energy

Zeta Effect

Weapon N/A
First Appearance New Gotham
Latest Appearance N/A
Voice [[1]]
Featured Character? Yes
You will not understand, nor do I expect you to understand this. Put let me put this into context for you: I rule supreme. There is no greater power than me. No higher authority. I have planted a seed of disrupt in every civilization, extended myself through millions. You have no chance. This Omniverse was created by the Elder, my ancestials, and will fall because of me. I have no limits. I am the very personification of zentipotence. I am hatred. I am wrath. But why am I doing this? How could I be so cruel? What justifies my actions? To put it simply, anger. Anger justifies what I do. From the shadows I have watched as you expanded. Nobody knows who I am, nor do they want to. They're selfish. Like me. And then...and then you make civlization. Humans, Sparxians, they're all the same, each generation worse than the last. They pillage, they burn, and they show no remorse. I too will pillage. I will pillage their factories, burn their cities. And what remorse shall I give? None. Maybe I should chain and cook them. Maybe I should kill their children for sport. They exploit the wildlife of their planets without remorse, so I shall exploit them without remorse. I shall twist them. I shall break them. Yes, anger is a beautiful thing. You don't cower before anyone. Everything is possible. You you're flying. Flying away into an eternity. Anger ALWAYS justifies. You dont believe me? Come over here. I'll show you myself.
~ Vekkisul
I've never understand why people like you sacrifice everything for these people. Why you put your lives on the line only to be forgotten and fade into history. Look around you. You see this? This was very much my doing. But what about that? Those people...screaming....fighting....tearing at the flesh. They're scared. And why? Because they have lost hope. Because the only thing they can rely on now is YOU. They have no faith in you. It's pathetic, how far some people will go to play the role of the hero. You just want to help them. You think you can make everything right. And what happens after you defeat me? Everything goes back to as it was. You are no one. You are nothing. And them? They sit on their make-believe thrones. They have forgotten all of your sacrifices. They don't care. angers me. And it angers you. I can feel it. Here. Take the Saphire yourself. Do what must be done. Show them how WORTHLESS you really are...
~ Vekkisul's most famous monologue
QUIET, child! We must not say The Shadow Malum's name in vein! He is watching us, Jason. He always has been. If he were to find out who you really are, where you come from...ah, forget it. He already knows.
~ The Caretaker scolding Jason about criticizing Zoren'zoth

Grand Malum Zoren'zoth, known commonly throughout the Omniverse as Vekkisul (pronounced VEK-I-SUL) or Vekkisul the Deranged, is a sadistic hivemind of celestial beings under a single consciousness, one of the main overarching antagonist in the Multiversal Legends series along with Malsumis and the true main antagonist of the spin-off series, Legends of the Omniverse and one of the secondary antagonists of Multiversal Champions. Originally a near all-powerful, omnipresent Malum named Vekkisul, he has since become the center of the Zoren'zoth hivemind and, according to some sources, the hivemind itself. Although his true main intentions are incomprehensible to both mortal and godly minds, his apparent goals throughout the series are to track down and kill the remaining Elder Malums before consuming the Omniverse in an everlasting hatred. He was also the first of the Malum's (as well as the first one to turn to darkness) and the founder/creator of an emotionless third species of gods called the Prime Zetas, the same group which were responsible for the sadistic seven-year rule over the planet Cedilla. In the main canonical series, he has made multiple appearances hinting at his existence as the greater force in play. He resides in a buffer zone between reality and illusion known as The Edge and (as his full form is restrained to that dimension) is able to leave only momentarily.

Along with posing as the main overarching antagonistic force of Legends of the Omniverse, Vekkisul has made several appearances in the main canonical ML timeline, beginning with the episode New Gotham in which he appears before Aka Manah in The Edge and grants him control over the Celestial Saphire. Vekkisul is mentioned in Legend's chronicle library on two separate instances, shown in his shadow form before the grand council, shown manifesting himself into Eldor once more in the mid-credits of the Phase Three finale, and finally makes a debut appearance in Phase Seven as the true main antagonist (alongside Nekrozoth and Grandmaster Chaos.) He was finally defeated by the Champions during the Phase Twelve finale, in which he met his fate at the hands of Legend and his revived father, Deus.

Within the Legends of the Omniverse canon, Vekkisul is the hidden main antagonist of the Fallen Kingdom story arc, the true main antagonist of the Resistance is Futile and Oblivion arcs, a mentioned antagonist in the Bane of Embers arc, and the true main antagonist of the massive Uprising crossover event. He makes several cameos throughout the central Multiversal Legends canon, begining with a potem dedicated to the Anti-God seen hidden in the Umbral Depths of Legend's chronicle library. Vekkisul has been confirmed by HeresJosh, author of the upcoming Multiversal Legends light novel series, to be a main antagonist alongside Nekrozoth and Terachoro.

The Zoren'zoth hivemind possesses an infinite range of both abilities and potential, his power only matched by the supreme being Malsumis. Vekkisul is also the holder of an above-godly ability known as Zentipotence, the ability to do anything and more, though this ability is restricted due to his true form being trapped in The Edge. Along with this, Vekkisul possesses a near-infinite amount of powers and has complete control over the negative aspect of the Omniverse, which he delightfully twists in every which direction. Though his true power remains somewhat of a mystery, Vekkisul poses as an Omniversal-scale threat, even with his powers being heavily restricted.

Vekkisul was created and is currently voiced, by FANDOM user Adie98. His appearance was inspired by Zalgo, Valak, and Nekrozoth. Other major contributors to his character are users HeresJosh and BrandonDarkOne47. He was introduced to the Multiversal Legends wiki, the home of the ML series as a whole, during the second round of characters alongside Volcan, Chernobog, and Happy Smilestone. His most recent predecessor was the sadistic supreme being Malsumis.


Creation and Betrayal

Before time itself, including the creation of Velnias the Monstrous, a group of god-like beings immune to nearly all forms of logic, known as the Elder Malums, came into existence along with a powerful relic known as the Chaos Stone. The Elder's (Elder Mazoth in particular) saw the Stone as a potential threat and destroyed it, unknowingly creating a celestial consciousness which would go onto bare the name Zoren'zoth. Seeking to bring life into the void, the Elder Malum's used a combination of technology and sorcery to bring life into the world in the form of the Malums, lesser versions of themselves. Weak and unable to interact with reality, Zoren'zoth corrupted and ultimately became Vekkisul the Deranged (the closest translation to his name, since his full name and title would be incomprehensible to any mind except that of an Elder Malum), first of the Malums and offspring of the monstrous Elder Mazoth.

In his first few years of existence, Vekkisul was forced into the fringes of the Elder Malum's godly society and began developing a superficial personality in order to blend in with his superiors, even going as far as to rewrite his entire identity as Avthro, son of Elder Manoz. It soon became clear to the Elders that Vekkisul was more than he had originally appeared to be. The Elders gradually grew weary of the idea that Vekkisul was capable of latching his consciousness onto others and could potentially pose as a threat to their rule, though they initially agreed to keep this information confidential. 

Despite these measures, the Malum's swiftly uncovered Vekkisul's identity. Everything that Zoren'zoth created fell under because of the Malum's intervention. The constant prejudice against him eventually began driving Zoren'zoth to mental instability. They mockingly called him Vekkisul, meaning "The Shadow Malum". He isolated himself from them, creating a dimensions between illusion and reality where he was worshiped as an emperor. This reality would later become known to mortals as The Edge, and it was here Zoren'zoth revealed his true narcissistic personality and constant desire to be in control of the lives of others.

This was especially true when Zoren'zoth came into contact with the young Jason, the first human being of the Ancient Omniverse. Vekkisul was both fascinated with him and wanted nothing more than to see him suffer. He easily outmaneuvered the other Malums, acting as his caretakers, and began exploiting the child for his own gain under the cover of a fatherly figure. As Jason grew, however, he began to devlop thoughts of his own. The bonde between the two slowly lessened as Jason became more and more suspicous of the horrific acts Vekkisul had commanded him to commit. Jason, out of curiousity, enters the "Forbidden Room" and discovers Vekkisul's true intentions while also failing his final test. Now seeing that Jason was unworthy of his teaching, Vekkisul brutally slaughtered him and mislead his caretakers into believing he fell victim to the Elder's wrath.

Hostilities began growing between Zoren'zoth and the Malums until an order of Zealots ("The Truthseekers") plotted to murder him. The first divine weapon was brought into existence specifically for the purpose of killing him. But before the act could be carried out, Zoren'zoth slaughtered several of their members in an episode of rage and vanished from reality. Many of the Elder Malums were ignorant of the massacres. Zoren'zoth, currently residing in The Edge, began to experiment with the ideas of creation and control. These experiments lead to the birth of the first daemons, although they were labeled an "abomination" and quickly destroyed them. Zoren'zoth embraced the name Vekkisul and continued his experiments, unbeknownst to the leading Elder Malum's.

Overthrowing the Elder Malums

Over the span of six eternities, Vekkisul stayed concealed from the rest of reality. Many other beings, such as the Prime Omegas and Alphas, had come into existence and posed a threat to the Malum balance of power. The constant threat of war between the two species set up an unimaginable opportunity for Vekkisul. His newest creation, the Primion, was secretively released into the farthest regions of the Omniverse, meant to potentially trigger a breaking point between the Omegas and the Malums. The Zoren'zoth hivemind grew as well, latching itself onto thousands.

His plans failed, as the Primion was captured by the Prime Alphas and used for their own means. Using his newfound power, Vekkisul clawed his way out of The Edge and unleashed his full destructive capabilities on the Omniverse, sparking the Beginning of the End, a series of events and battles that would eventually lead to the destruction of the entire Omniverse. Vekkisul and his forces began with seizing control of the Lunar and Delta galaxies before stepping up to wiping out the Malum's as a whole. With their protectors dead and the Elder Malums themselves too weak to fend off his attacks, Vekkisul set his sights on them and brutally set out on murdering the entire race as a whole.

Their extraordinary powers proved worthless against Vekkisul's newfound abilities, as he had manifested the ability of near omnipotence. The majority of Elders refused to surrender. Those who did managed to take refuge in a space-time dimension in between timelines, which Vekkisul could not physically enter, much to his discontent. The rest of the Omniverse seemingly collapsed into Vekkisul's rule as both the Prime Alphas and Prime Omegas went into hiding.

Ruler of the Omniverse

As ruler of the Omniverse, Vekkisul showed little to no remorse for crushing all and any signs of resistance. And though he was the most powerful being in existence, and believed it to it's fullest extent, Vekkisul still grew paranoid that a large enough resistance effort could possible end his immortal life using enhanced divine weapons. As a result of these thoughts, Vekkisul sought to make himself completely invulnerable to all and any harm.

Many monsters and daemons were under Vekkisul's control at this time, including a race of crustacean-like daemons named Cambids. Still, Vekkisul created the Prime Zetas in hopes of them reinforcing his will across the Omniverse. His expectations were both met and surpassed as the Zetas mastered nearly every field of combat and pledge their undying loyalty to Vekkisul. All signs of rebellion with enough courage to fend off the likes of Vekkisul quickly scoured and disappeared at the sight of the Prime Zeta, as their complete lack of emotions allowed them to carry out ANY of Vekkisul's many commands, both swiftly and efficiently.

The Prime Zetas also killed off half of both the Prime Omegas and Prime Alphas, giving Vekkisul the chance to leave his realm in their hands as he continued his search for immortality.

Defeat and Banishment

The search of immortality lead Vekkisul to the Chaos Stones, powerful artifacts which allow the user to break the limitation of logic. He completely pillaged the Cathedrals of Power, Hope, and Darkness, taking a Stone after every attack. These constant offsets in power awakened the all-mighty deity Daevas, the only entity in the entire Omniverse capable of harming Vekkisul without the usage of divine weaponry. Angered over his reckless actions of waste, Daevas and Vekkisul engaged in an eons long war, one which would devastate the Omniverse morally, physically, psychically, and on many more levels beyond human understanding. As their master focused all his energy on the war, the Prime Zetas were ambushed by legions of Omegas and Alphas, all under the influence of Daeva. The majority of Zetas were killed, although some scattered across the Omniverse and aided their master.

Since Vekkisul 's powers were all concentrated on Daeva and no longer flooding through the Omniverse, he began to lose footing to the Omegas and Alphas, forcing him to concentrate small amounts of power their way. This brief interruption was all that was needed for Daeva to quickly overpower the Grand Malum. Daveas stripped Vekkisul of many of his powers and sealed him (alongside his army and the remaining Zetas) into The Edge for an endless eternity. Although he was still able to interact with the physical world, Vekkisul was severely weakened and unable to use his power to its full extent.

Last of the Zetas

Fearing his own downfall at the hands of the ruling gods, Vekkisul stayed concealed in The Edge, approximately six eons after his initial defeat at the hands of Daevas, as the Prime Alphas and Omegas erased Vekkisul 's name (along with any memories of him) from history. However, much to his content, he still held significant value in the Omniverse. The events he set in motions during his war against Daevas has lead to both the creation of Nekrozoth and the massacres on Xandar. The few remaining Prime Zetas spread Vekkisul 's name throughout the Omniverse, actions which lead to the establishment of the Order of the Shadow, the first cult worshiping steered towards Vekkisul and his intentions. The Prime Zetas also began carrying out assassinations of key Prime Alphas, falling back and letting the blame fall on the Omegas. Using this to his advantage, the demon Aka Manah (with outside support from Nekrozoth) sparked the first Omniversal Wars. Millions died as a result.

Severely weakened and dangerously close to extinction, the majority of Prime Alphas (excluding Deus) turned to Vekkisul for protection. He agreed on the terms that his physical avatar would have a a portion of Vekkisul 's full power. The Alphas agreed, desperately hoping Vekkisul would protect them from the incoming giants. Instead, Vekkisul turned back on his promise and watched from his throne as the Alphas were slaughtered by Manah's demon legions. Deus managed to cripple a percent of his avatar's full strength before dying at the hands of Manah, although Vekkisul  remained convinced that he could escape The Edge and once again spread his twisted ideas across the many realms.

Both Manah and Nekrozoth were later trapped and bound to their own prisons, giving Vekkisul  the opportunity to make his long-awaited return. One disadvantage plagued Vekkisul: every member of the Order of Shadows was dead. Killed by the remaining Prime Zetas, who have gained the ability to feel emotions and grew hateful of their master. Vekkisul found the cowering in a ripple dimensions and butchered the traitors, leaving only three survivors from the entire species, one of which was taken prisoner and brainwashed. This Zeta would later take the name L'averenth.

The Prophecy

Vekkisul once again began operating from the shadows, as the near annihilation of the Prime Zetas had alerted Daevas and his council. He associated and began working with Chernobog, laying out the groundwork for "The Final War", a swift and violent usurpation of power from Daevas and the council. Chernobog became Vekkisul 's closest adviser and support his leader in keeping secretive from the Daevas. Chernobog was later defeated in battle against Volcan and his position was assumed by Laverenth.

Vekkisul  had also had sudden glimpses into the future of the events leading to his downfall. All these visions, it seemed, were connected to Legend. He corrupted the young heroes mind with visions and nightmare depicting him being tortured and tormented by Vekkisul . Legend didn't give into Vekkisul 's mind games, and seemed to grow stronger from it. Vekkisul  confronted Legend himself on the sixth moon of Elder, Legend's home planet. He tempted Legend with his deepest and most secretive desires, even threatening to murder his wife, Xayna. This statement lead to a brief engagement between the two. Though they both began evenly matched, Vekkisul began taunting Legend with hallucinations of his fallen companions and using the planet's element, which Legend had originally gained power from, against him. Azoth overpowered the hero but allowed him to live under his "mercy", stating that he has earned his respect. He went on to corrupt Legend's entire planet, though this attack was later reversed by Daevas himself.

Vekkisul  went on to manifest himself in the planet Deta, starting a century long civil war and kicking off the series' spin off, Legends of the Omniverse.

Legends of the Omniverse

Return to the Omniverse

Ten years after initially manifesting a part of his soul into Delta, the planet's natural resources (such as iron and oil) began draining. The human population on Delta decreased by seventy percent. The survivors of the rapid extinction segregated themselves into three factions: the Dimerians, functioning democrat bodies in favor of leaving the planet to die, the Erigens, cult-like tribes dedicated to gaining the affection of Vekkisul  himself, and Scanners, brutal pillagers who's only goal is to reproduce and gain more territory over Delta. Under the influence of Vekkisul , Laverenth took a human form and quickly rose up the ranks of the Dimerians and crippling them from the inside. Since the planet was blessed by the birth of a divine one (Legend), Vekkisul was unable to physically enter it and therefore relied on the Erigens to gain influence over the planet in order to spread his corruption and influence.

Kryer, Crypt, and Senat (three of Legend's former students) also rose in terms of leadership. Due to their enhaned abilities, and their talents in both sorcery and white magic, the three were chosen by Dimerian leaders to look further into their planet's sudden decrease in life. Fighting their way through Erigen forces, they discovered the heavily defended Temple of Aestus. Under the Temple walls, the group found a cave system which housed Vekkisul 's first spirit. The psychic radiation was too strong for them to come closer, but they did manage to leave with new information about their planet's destruction. Laverenth, however, managed to intercept and destroy the photos, claiming the information was falsified for "personal gain". As a respected member and "veteran", the council ultimately took Laverenth's side and degraded them to scouts.

In order to further hide the identity of his spirit, Vekkisul  tormented them in hopes they would lose a grasp on sanity and lose memory of the discovery all together. Like mentioned before, Vekkisul  was unable to physically enter Delta. Working around this limitation, he constantly harassed the group with both hallucinations and sudden nightmares through the majority of season one. He briefly appears through a portal giving Laverenth orders to execute the three, as they have regained the council's attention at they were dangerously close to discovering the cave. Knowing that the spirit could be destroyed with a steady stream of powerful psychokinetic energy, Laverenth left to execute Vekkisul 's orders. The conversation was overhead by Crypt, who informed the others. Laverenth revealed his true form to them and the four began to battle, Laverenth gaining energy from Vekkisul . Crypt manages to cut off his psychic connection with the Dark Malum and impales him through the chest with a dark energy shard.

Losing Control

The loss of his first manifestation HAD severely weakened Vekkisul, although he continued to live on-off of the power of his other two halves, one located in The Edge, and a second located inside of Legend himself. Vekkisul makes his first appearance in season two with Nekrozoth through a torch flame. The discussion, originally designated to seek Nekrozoth's support against the New Champions, quickly turned hostile as the two's ideas of what to do with the conquered Omniverse: Vekkisul sought to flood the Omniverse with the fiercest hatred and let the humans destroy themselves while Nekrozoth only wanted complete omnicide, destroying everything in an instant. Nekrozoth eventually professes to support Vekkisul 's intentions, with Vekkisul playing along in hopes of manipulating the Anti-god.

Vekkisul also appears, in the form of his avatar, to the heroes as they attempt to enter the bridge galaxy. He offers Crypt complete omnipotence in exchange for his allegiance and the death of Legion. Crypt considers Vekkisul 's offer before declining and rejoining the others in the bridge galaxy. Vekkisul warns Crypt about the consequences of his decisions before he leaves and rejoins the group.

During the battle against Nekrozoth's Red Pyramid faction, Vekkisul generates a massive psychic storm, stunning both groups, before taking the first Chaos Stone and returning it to Nekrozoth in exchange for his allegiance. Nekrozoth agrees and sends the Red Pyramid faction to detain and kill Crypt and his associates. Vekkisul also appears in the after-credits scene of the same episode, appearing before a deceased child in The Edge. Vekkisul explains that the boy's family had left him to die and fled so that they would not have to face the punishment they have forced upon themselves. When the child asks who he is and why they had left him, Vekkisul deceives him into believing he is a benevolent being who created the boys' world and blessed it with vegetation so that they may eat and honor him. Instead, the people began fearing Vekkisul and turned on him, searching for a way to somehow harm him. Vekkisul explained that he had no choice but to wipe the realm clean of human life, and he had remained the only survivor. When the boy asks Vekkisul what he has planned for him, he responds with "many things" and blesses him with protection from harm. The boy is later revealed to be a younger Dare

In the episode "The Hunted", he transforms into a monstrous creature and chases the group through Cherry Red Hills, playing on their deepest fears before duplicating himself into four and surrounding them. An avatar of Vekkisul appears and demands to know the location of the Eternal Flame, as he is unable to telepathically read their thoughts (since they were all blessed divine by higher powers). Senat claims that the pot was destroyed by Manah, sending Vekkisul into a rage. The gravity becomes unstable as Vekkisul releases a powerful wave of psychic energy, injuring the New Champions as he prepares to end their lives. The New Champions are rescued by Devos Daevason mere seconds before their demise. Unable to harm the son of Daevas, Vekkisul places an unknown curse on the planet before departing.

Stellar Wars

Vekkisul remains as the unseen overarching antagonist for a majority of season one as the New Champions are sent to detain DELTA. Using puppet senators and avatars, Vekkisul manages to bring the Stellar Arm into an intense cold war as councilors in favor of Sicorian rule break away to form a proxy government and rival the much large United Front. Vekkisul also manages to put Wsevv, in human form, at the center of the Front's Grand Council. The production of quantum weapons also increases, gaining unwanted attention from the New Champions as they are sent to settle a peace agreement between the rivaling sides. Leading the operation, Senat grows suspicious of Prime Counciler Zeru (Wsevv's primary alias) and is ordered to investigate.

The investigation as Vekkisul, in shadow form, possesses Senat, placing him in a catatonic-like state. Zeru oversees the creation of a quantum missile, finally pushing the rebels to the point of civil war. Millions of soldiers and civilians alike are killed in the first few days of fighting alone. Seeing his role in starting a major conflict as fulfilled, Zeru moves onto the second phase of Vekkisul's plan. Sicorian leader Draxxus Bane is contacted behind the Council's back and offered control over the entirety of the Stellar Arm in exchange for his support. Bane agrees in offering military support. The brutal methods of both him and his soldiers are put on full display, disgusting the Council.

In a final effort to preserve peace, Crypt (along with CITADEL soldiers) confront Wsevv, who finally reveals his true form and intentions. The council guards gun down the soldiers as Wsevv restrains Crypt, taunting his efforts to free himself. Senat is also confronted, this time by Vekkisul himself, while unconscious. Vekkisul begins to torment Senat, both mentally and physically, unveiling his true intentions: to hand over control of the Stellar Arm to the Sicorians and watch as their society collapses on itself. Senat, fueled with rage, fights back and breaks free from Vekkisul's control, rushing to the council chambers where Crypt was being held. Senat fend of Wsevv, forcing him to retreat and escapes just as the chambers erupt in flames. The Stellar Arm, however, is eventually taken by the Sicorians.

Corrupting Legend

The part of Vekkisul 's soul placed inside of Legend slowly began corrupting him, twisting his mind and darkening his intentions. Legend was constantly tortured through visions of his family being consumed by darkness and he himself turning to evil. Slowly but surely, Vekkisul began to gain control of Legend's mind. He also watched over Crypt and Senat as they traveled to Elder and came dangerously close to Legend's location. On the sixth day of their travel, Vekkisul completely took over Legend and attempted to kill Crypt a second time.

Burning villages as he searched for them, Vekkisul found Crypt hiding in an abandoned nuclear bunker. Vekkisul , in Legends body, begins to mercilessly beat Crypt before he reminds him of Xanya. Remembering his past life, Legend breaks free of Vekkisul 's control, with a small part of his spiritual essence taking on a physical form known as Prophet.

Meanwhile, Kryer had discovered a wormhole allowing demigods to cross-dimensions into The Edge, where he found the location of Vekkisul 's manifested soul. Vekkisul unleashes his full power on Kryer, crippling him, and mocks the heroes failed attempts at saving his home planet. Using one final burst of anger, Kryer momentarily overpowers Vekkisul and shatters the second piece of his soul. He succumbs to his wounds and dies shortly after.


Taking the form of Nekrozoth, Vekkisul continued to taunt and attack the group before finally revealing himself to the outside of the Cathedral of Justice in the form of a wild storm of shadows, claiming he was going to enjoy smearing their blood on the Cathedral's columns. As the heroes struggled to near him, an avatar of Vekkisul was meeting with the true Nekrozoth on the planet Geno in search of the Chaos Stones. As expected, Nekrozoth refuses to cooperate and reveals that he was using Vekkisul for his personal gain. Vekkisul foresaw this, however, and disappears, leaving the Stones to cripple out of existence. Now aware that he was misled, Nekrozoth also escapes the planet as it collapses on itself, destroying three of the true Chaos Stones with it.

Considering Vekkisul 's incomprehensible strength and abilities, all odds were aimed against the New Champions. The Grand Malum himself soon grows bored of throwing around the heroes' corpses and summons Prophet to finish them as he attends to "other matters." Though initially overwhelmed, Prophet cannot comprehend their will to fight when faced with inevitable defeat. A revived Crypt calls upon the heroes of the Omniverse, including Legend, Jack Spark, and others. Prophet uses a chaos spell, fatally injuring Crypt, before being subdued and defeated by Jack Spark. Legend orders Spark to search for survivors in Geno and begin his search for Vekkisul , ending the second season. Vekkisul is not seen for the remainder of the season, though he is revealed to be a major antagonist in the upcoming season three.

 Phase One

Cheating Death

Vekkisul makes his debut appearance in Champions of the Multiverse, the central and main Multiversal Legends timeline, during the third episode of the first season. After the events of Legends of the Omniverse, Aka Manah enters The Edge, one the verge of destruction, and comes into contact with an unknown figure constructed out of darkness (later revealed to be Vekkisul). Due to the destruction of his previous manifests, Vekkisul brought Aka Manah into his domain as a last attempt to retain his own life and offers him control over the Celestial Saphire, which he unknowingly manifests himself in. Manah accepts the Saphire just as The Edge subverts into a void. While utilizing the Saphire's power during his conquest, Manah allows Vekkisul control over his body, although he remains hidden.

Vekkisul also makes a cameo appearance in the after-credits scene of episode six, meeting with Baron Vile inside of Eldor's core. Unable to manifest himself into the planet itself, Vekkisul offers Vile an eternal life-span under the conditions that he brings him the Eldorian air to the throne, Jessiaha. Vile agrees and returns to the surface world through a portal, contacting several informants as the scene cuts out.

Retaking Control

Following the conclusion of Phase One's Invasion Arc, Vekkisul's Children begin construction of factories dedicated solely to the purpose of mass exterminating children and harnessing their immense spiritual energy for the creation of Caedam units. After a brief congregation at an ancient Omega relic site, Lord Konkurse is chosen as the new Dark Minister of the Dreadhood and is assigned with safeguarding the Caedam as their numbers grow throughout the Omniverse.

Jessiaha, the current king of Eldor, was taken hostage by Konkurse along the side of many other members of the Dreadhood. Ensuing a mainland battle against a subdivision of the Cobalt Order, Spark discovers both the Labyrinth and Jessiaha. In the fight that follows, Konkurse is put into critical condition (and ultimately killed by Baron Vile) as Spark uses his remaining power to shattered on of the Labyrinth murals and allows Jessiaha to escape. He attempts to follow after him, but is overpowered by the Celestial Saphire's presence and drawn into before Vekkisul in a hellish macrocosm simply referred to as "The Burning Place". Although Spark is physically unable to lay his eyes on Vekkisul, even in his imperfect form, he is offered the position of Dark Minister if the Baron were to die.

Spark eventually overcomes the temptations, to which Vekkisul advocates that one of them will inevitably die in the near future before releasing him.

Multiversal Legends Film Universe

Every shadow on the wall is an extension of my will. I manifest in the darkness. I seek not to destroy your world, but to save it. Save it from the pests of humanity. There is no hope for your race. You are inferior and cruel in every aspect. I have seen what you will become. You would have killed the Elder's yourself if not for me. I have saved the brotherhood, and this brotherhood turned on me. They called my unstable. They called my sadistic. They called me...deranged. Vekkisul the Deranged, was it? I am here to save you, and saved you shall be. Saved through DEATH. An endless torture, maybe? Nobody knows what the future holds. Well, I do.

~ Lord Vekkisul

Grand Malum Vekkisul, known by his aliases Vekkisul the Deranged and the Chaos God, is a chaos god of primordial darkness, the last remaining Malum, and a main overarching antagonist of the Multiversal Legends Film Universe(alongside Nekrozoth). He is a chaotic mastermind who, unlike his source counterpart, was once a well-meaning creator god who saw forward in time and foresaw what humanity would become, taking it upon himself to destroy it. His role in the cinematic universe is somewhat similar to Thanos from the MCU and Darkseid in the upcoming DCEU.

Vekkisul serves a the overarching antagonist for the majority of the series, being an overarching antagonist in Beyond Dimensions and Legend, a minor antagonist in Spark, a major antagonist in Xpocalypse, the overarching villain of The Champions, a cameo in and the true main antagonist of Omega Wars. Unlike his source counterpart, the cinematic variation of Vekkisul serves as more of a lesser god than an omnipresent supreme being. His intentions are also somewhat more justified, as he believes that humanity as no place in the Omniverse.

He appears as somewhat of a master orator, being the force that drove Decepriel (Hyperiel's son) to insanity, turning him into the militant villain Prophet, putting the events leading up to Omega Wars into place, being behind Wsevv and Droxx, and gifting divine powers to Happy Smilestone, and being the driving force for Omegus, who Daevas based Nekrozoth off of.

He was created by Adie98 and voiced by Shane West, who played both Bane from the Gotham television franchise and Tom Sawyer from The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.


Created by a race of ultimate creators named the Elders, Vekkisul was tasked with controlling and limiting the forces of darkness and discord, pushing them away from humanity when needed and allowing them to expand. As Vekkisul and the Malumhood grew, humanity was allowed to expand and gifted many privileges by the Elders, including deeper emotions, marriage, and childbirth. Though originally fond of the new creations, Vekkisul slowly became envious that the humans were given many privileges that they would abuse anyway. Humanity became more destructive as it grew, worrying members of the Malumhood. The Elders assured them that humans would come around and become the "ultimate" creation.

One day, Vekkisul was tasked by the Elder Mazoth to guarding a stronghold housing the Celestial Saphire. As Vekkisul's loyalty towards his creators shrank, so did his fascination with the Saphire. Using it, he enhanced his own abilities and foresaw the Omniverses future, in which humanity uses the ascension program to overthrow the Malums. Seeing this as an opportunity to take the Omniverse for himself, Vekkisul drove both the Malums and the Elders to extinction. He created the Greyhood, an alliance of powerful misanthropist warlords, and began his conquest to "purify" the Omniverse, taking control over thousands of planets. He stranded the original Misanthanian Fleet, killing Jack Spark's family, and created Wsevv, singe handily wiping intelligent life out of the Old Omniverse.

Vekkisul's path of annihilation came to an end at the hands of the legendary Legend, who (with the heroes of the Omniverse and the original Champions at his side) managed to trap Vekkisul in a sub-reality known as The Edge (which he would go on to rule) and hide the Celestial Saphire in an unknown location. Vekkisul gained a fierce hatred for both Hyperiel and the Champions, orchestrating events from his domain as the Omniverse grew and thrived. He was behind many major events, both real and fictional, including the attacks of September eleventh, the Chernobyl disaster, the Stellar Wars, and the first Omniversal Wars.


Vekkisul appears in a dream of Spark's (similar to Legend's nightmare from the same film) sitting on a throne made of flesh in his gigantic shadow form, looking over Spark as he attempts to escape. Vekkisul commands Spark to listened and approaches him, becoming smaller before taking a human size and trips Spark using two shadow branches. Roots begin to grow around his arms and legs, restraining him, as Vekkisul attempts to manipulate him into believing that Legend was the one who murdered his parents. Spark then asks if Vekkisul was responsible, to which he buries him alive and ends the dream.

While Legend is journeying through Ahriman's palace looking for the Chancellor of Evil himself during the final stages of the Umbral War, he comes across a string of cave paintings revealing Vekkisul's existence and the existence of the Celestial Saphire. Legend is in interrupted shortly after by Ahriman, who uses his powers to bury him in ruble and killing him, allowing him to enter the Umbra Realm, a dimension between life and death. Vekkisul appears before him in his shadow form, questioning why he continues to fight for people who will be ungrateful and ignorant of his actions. He shows him a vision of what reality could become if there were no heroes, a reality in which he kills Nekrozoth and rules supreme. Legend ultimately ignores him and chooses life, returning to the real world. It is also later revealed that Vekkisul was behind the film's secondary antagonist Decepriel's turn to insanity and his powerful umbrakinetic abilities.

Beyond Dimensions

Vekkisul appears as one of the overarching antagonists of the 2019 sci-fi/fantasy movie Beyond Dimensions. While Malroc's fleet is invading the Haevens, Vekkisul (using one of his shadow avatars) appears before him in the captains nest, looking over the burning palaces with him. Vekkisul shows Malroc a vision of what could be, attempting to deceive him into retrieving the Celestial Saphire. Malroc refuses and swipes his hand, causing him to evaporate into a black mist. A silhouette of Vekkisul's base form appears through the blinds of Legend's chronicle library is seen later on, hinting that he has been stalking the Champions during their journey. He also grants Malroc his powers of omniarchism (the ability to rule over all), setting up the film's final battle and ending.

The final battle of the series, including Vekkisul's eventual defeat at the hands of the Champions, was also foretold by The Demiwatcher during his death at the hands of Malroc, in which he states that the "creature of shadows and every of his hellish bothers will fall into the deepest pits of Oblivion and finally face the hand of punishment", though this is initially rejected by Malroc as an "old man's myth". Jack Spark also breaks into Legend's chronicle library and begins to read a book revolving around Vekkisul before being caught and scolded by the latter.

In an after-credits seen only available for the theatrical release, Vekkisul is seen in The Edge taking on his true form, hovering alongside six flaming pillars. A tear in reality opens before him, which William Braxxon enters through. Vekkisul asks Braxxon if he has secured the quarry, to which he nods and pulls a Chaos Stone from his bag. The camera closes in on the Stone before going black.


Vekkisul appears in Spark as both a minor antagonist and a driving force. After discovering files detailing the death of his parents in Legend's library, Jack Spark is lead to believe that he was the one responsible for their death and setting forth the events of the movie. Spark creates a breakaway group with Brandon Banlock and Kron, known as the Cataclysts, and sets forward to kill Legend and the remaining Champions.

Vekkisul manipulates the events of the film, leading to the stand off at Eldor, and makes physical appearance in the fallen labyrinths, chasing Spark in his monstrous form. He plays on the hero's desires to avenge his parents, finally leading Spark to realize what he has become. Vekkisul also guides Master Onslaught's fleet to Eldor, staying hidden for the remainder of the feature as Spark, Legend, and the remaining Champions fight off Onslaught's invading forces.


As the invasion of Eldor comes to an end, reparation efforts are made to revive the destroyed planet. Nekrozoth takes advantage of this and invades Eldor himself, forcing Jack, Legend, the Champions, and the surviving warriors of Eldor into hiding. The Horsemen of the Xpocalypse, a sub-faction of the Omega Empire made up of sadistic warlords and divine entities, search the rubble of Master Onslaught's destroyed ship for the Celestial Saphire. After failing to find it, their leader is brutally slaughtered by Nekrozoth and replaced, putting his incredible cruelty and ignorance on full display. Unbeknownst to him, the Horseman (later revealed to be a former captain of Malroc's fleet named Arkrill) survived and trailed into a cave, hovering between life and death.

In his final moments, Akrill opened a gateway to The Edge via the Circle of Evil, contacting Vekkisul from the other side. In exchange for opening a tear into reality and therefore allowing Vekkisul to break free from his imprisonment, he would be granted both his life and a chance at revenge. Akrill consented and was spared, founding the Prime Thetas, an occult alien organization loyal to Vekkisul and the Greyhood. While the Champions and their allies fought off another one of Nekrozoth's patrols, a rock slide occurred, separating Spark from the others and bringing him into Nekrozoth's custody.

Now able to influence reality directly thanks to Akrill's blood spawn, Vekkisul traveled directly to the closing events of Beyond Dimensions, twelve years prior. He encountered the demonic warlord Aka Manah and gifted the demon with a vision of his death at the hands of Jack Spark, allowing him to avoid it in the future and conquer many planets in his empire's name. Finding a plate of Akrill's armor, Nekrozoth also learns of his survival and his pact with Vekkisul, seeking Manah's support in the war against the Champions. Manah ultimately agreed to support him in exchange of control over Eldor, to which he agrees.

Nekrozoth's forces are seen preparing for a final usurpation of the Omniversal throne from Deus the Benevolent as a town of villagers, under the influence of Vekkisul, attack the Champions' base camp and take Spark hostage, allowing the God of Wrath to begin consuming his spiritual energy. The film comes to a climax as the Champions, with aid of Homeworlders and a legion of divine angels named The Promisions, ground Nekrozoth's flagship and encircle Vekkisul's lair. Rather than engaging, Vekkisul releases Spark, laying a curse mark on his neck unbeknownst to the remaining Champions, and dissolves into a red mist.


Here's what I think. I think there's something more to this. Something more to life and death. The Omniverse began as a void, and it will end as a void. But what happens in between? That's for us to decide. That's how the Elders intended it to be. And these...people. What do they serve to the Omniverse that you so feircely protect them. They destroy, they take, they pillage. And then they move. The cycle begins again. I selected people as my target because I was interested in the results. I wanted to see what these people are like minutes before death. I want to make these people suffer. I want to make them feel every burden they have cast on others. I am avenging the fallen. I am perfecting the future. If that's not justice, I don't know what is.
~ Vekkisul's idea of justice

Zoren'zoth, the chaotic celestial hivemind of darkness itself, is feared by both victims and survivors of his slaughters as the literal personification of evil. He seeks nothing but to manifest himself into any sentient life, seeing them as victims meant to be exploited and twisted until outliving their usefulness. Similar to Aka Manah, both morally and personality wise, Vekkisul is a product of hatred, born into hatred, and made up of hatred. Though not known by many, the ancient evil was responsible for major disasters on both planetary and Omniversal scales. Such disasters include the Chernobyl Disaster (Earth 0, thousands killed), the Omniversal War (millions of locations, around 900 zillion killed), the Stellar Wars (the Stellar Arm, 6 billion killed), Chernobog's Eternal Winter (omniversal, 134 billion killed), and others. Vekkisul gains pleasure from nothing else than watching as the civilized world collapsed onto itself.

Vekkisul was instantly despised by both his fellow Malums and the Elders, who saw through his superficial actions. He was, as described by a caretaker, "a being of hatred. He does not see the world like we do. He sees it as a game, where he is free to pillage and topple whatever he desires. But be grateful, Jason. Be grateful he only hates us, and nothing else." Vekkisul despises humanoids, or anything resembling them, such as divine beings. As such, Vekkisul posed as a mentor to Jason, corrupting him beyond repair before brutally murdering him. Still, when confronted by his relatives, Vekkisul showed little to no remorse for the action, claiming that is was only a matter of time.

On top of his many unforgivable actions, Vekkisul was also indirectly responsible for the death of Crypt's unborn child, the creation/distribution of the new plague, the foundation of the Red Empire, creation of Aka Manah, the destruction of Geno, ten Omniverse-wide famines, and the pillaging of the Fifth Realm. Vekkisul has tied his presence into the Omniverse through lesser known actions as well. He is the creator/mentor of both Prophetand Wsevv, an overarching force in the Gotham Arc, and creator of the Celestial Saphire.

Vekkisul's personality is often sophicated to dissect and analyze, as he often twists the truth for either personal gain or simply for thrill. His personality is obscured in many layers, which he potrays through his almost infinite simply of vessels. What is known is that Vekkisul is complete and utterly hateful, selfish, egotistic, splintering, destructive, and ignorant. His rule over the Omniverse (and the sub-sequent wars he has triggered after his initial freedom) have devastated millions and killed thousands more. Working towards personal gain and personal gain alone, Vekkisul showed little to no remorse after driving the Elder Malums to extinction and claiming the lives of thousands of members of his own kind. His hatred towards the Omniverse and society itself has driven him to the furthest ends of emotional instability, even causing him to isolate himself from the outside world at points. Vekkisul absorbs and conquers to his own pleasure and goes as far as to strip the Prime Zetas of their ability to feel emotions, simply because he grew paranoid that they would betray him.

In contrast to his other traits, Vekkisul has displayed an unquenchable desire to control and destroy everything in sight, leading to his conquest for the Omniverse. He enjoys toying and psychologically tormenting his victims, smiling as they cower in fear. Often described as evil in it's purest form, Vekkisul takes power swiftly and violently, crushing any signs of rebellion with an iron fist in fear that his "destined rule" would be cut short. Vekkisul at times becomes engulfed in rage and descends into a point of complete sadism, taking out his pent anger on the many humans that inhabit the Omniverse. His actions have led to the deaths of billions, including thousands of Malums and Elder Malums alike. He also created a reality television show that completely revolved around picking apart the husks of slaughtered children. During his final fight with the heroes, Vekkisul revealed that he was behind the Darfar genocide, Syrian civil war, and had a part to play in starting the great Omniversal War.

His supernatural intelligence comes with a price as well: ignorance. Vekkisul oftentimes sees himself as the ultimate life form and gives into the narcissistic ideal of flooding the Omniverse with his ever-growing hatred. Violence is how he thrives, as it is the only way he sees that he can take out his inner hate for society as a whole. He sometimes compares the many victims of his conquests, both soldiers and civilians, to bricks in a staircase. He considers almost any intelligent life besides himself brutish and meant to be controlled and exploited. The empathy he shows towards said life forms is minimal to none, as he has learned to emotionally dissociate from his actions.

He is oftentimes hypocritical as well. While battling Legend on Elder's moon, he calls his enemy a coward on multiple occasions, although he himself displays this trait. He also expressed his misanthropic feelings to Chernobog, claiming that the Elder Malum's have no skill in the creation of life, although the Elder Malum created him. He is incredibly impatient, although he takes he leisurely accomplishes his own tasks to his own pace. He despises anybody who defies or maims him, although he constantly taunts and gibes his opponents. He has tormented Happy Smilestone with his unforgivable actions despite the many atrocities he has committed himself.

Vekkisul shows no limits when attempting to achieve his desired goal. His ferocious cruelty is put on display during his battle against Daevas, in which he resorts to terrorizing civillians with disease and famine in hopes that they will lose faith and turn on their "savior" (ironically, this later leads to his own downfall). Vekkisul commonly created "boogeymen" with the intention of becoming functioning members of society, with no memory of their past lives or sense of identity, before kidnapping children and committing various torture-murders, leading children to grow up fearing his very name. He formed the first "virus", designed to spread via touch. The "red plague" spread into the corners of the Omniverse, killing hundreds of millions. Vekkisul expresses no remorse towards his victims, nor does he feel the need to justify his actions. The strongest protection spells were placed on the gateway between The Edge and reality as to prevent him from ever returning to the Omniverse.

Prideful and arrogant as always, Vekkisul commonly stressed his achievements to his siblings in hopes they would find something short of a redeemable character trait in him. This, along with his temperamental and hostile nature, likely lead to his own abandonment and betrayal at their hands. Vekkisul was likely too brash to take notice, and this one haunting fear of abandonment as led to him becoming he currently is. And even though he has tortured/murdered children, men, women, soldiers, politicians, gods, and aliens alike for eons, he shows little to no remorse for his actions, even after he created the concept of "human trafficking" and brought thousands of man, woman, and children to their grave. His vile actions show no shun in his violent behaviors. If anything, they seem to increase at these points. Vekkisul was also behind the ebola outbreaks and was responsible for the Stellar Wars.

He takes a sick interest in the torture of children, especially in large numbers. Vekkisul has acknowledged this during the deleted "pilot" of the Legends of the Omniverse spin-off, in which he tormented Baron Vile into creating a factory specifically for the purpose of child torture, which he has melted together, ripped apart, poisoned, forced into labor, fog steamed, drowned, strangled, and cooked alive. Vekkisul has also taken a deranged joy in bringing Legend's deceased daughter back from the dead and slaughtering her in horrific ways for all of eternity as of means to torture him.

Vekkisul is extremely sociopathic in nature, using the other Malums as inferior tools meant to be used and exploited until they have outlived their usefulness. He has corrupted and tormented trillions, drove multiple races to extenction, brutally murdered the New Champions, drove Dare to suicide, and committed many other atrocious acts, showing no remorse over any of them. Vekkisul served as the creator and mentor for both Baron Vile and Prophet, both of which have also committed hundreds of thousands of murders. The Shadow Malum will not hesitate to slaughter trillions of innocent people as long as the end result benefits him in some way. He constantly abuses his power of Zentipotence, the outcome usually being catastrophic.

He is misanthropic to the extreme, driving his own race to extinction of the "good nature of the New Omniverse". Vekkisul ruled over the Omniverse as a chaotic entity and nothing more, mercilessly punishing his followers for the slightest infraction. Even after his initial banishment, humanity was left in a state of shock and terror, unable to move on from Vekkisul's heinous crimes so much to the point that Daevas was ultimately forced to wipe humanity from the Old Omniverse and recreate it, bringing forth the age of the New Omniverse. Vekkisul feeds off of tragedies of cosmic scale and seeks to bring forth new ones in innovative ways, displaying the pride and effort he takes in tormenting humanity. Some of Vekkisul's most disastrous "experiments" include the comet showers on Outpost 11 (along with the overall disappearance of the outpost), the corruption of Eldor, the Omniversal Wars, Zenet 6, and the creation of the Sicorians.

As the literal chaos god itself, Vekkisul knows that the Omniverse will eventually be reverted back to a void, with all life being cast out. He seeks to toy with and torment humanity, justifying his actions with the fact that humans are the oppressors themselves. Vekkisul has hinted at somehow being manifested into humanity itself, being behind the Chernobyl Disaster, Pompei, the Three Mile Island Accident, the Dustbowl, Love Canal, Bhopal Disaster, and the terrorist attacks of September 11. Vekkisul aspires to plant a seed of despair in the mind of man, allowing humanity to reveal its true nature and topple on itself.

Mental Illnesses

Please note that, although Vekkisul is physically, spiritually, and mentally far above human standards and understanding, he shows many symptoms of the following mental illnesses:

Antisocial Personality Disorder

Antisocial personality disorder (ASPD or APD) is a personality disorder characterized by a long term pattern of disregard for, or violation of, the rights of others. A low moral sense or conscience is often apparent, as well as a history of crime, legal problems, or impulsive and aggressive behavior. Antisocial personality disorder is defined in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM). Dissocial personality disorder (DPD), a similar or equivalent concept, is defined in the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems (ICD), which includes antisocial personality disorder in the diagnosis. Both manuals provide similar criteria for diagnosing the disorder. Both have also stated that their diagnoses have been referred to, or include what is referred to, as psychopathy or sociopathy, but distinctions have been made between the conceptualizations of antisocial personality disorder and psychopathy, with many researchers arguing that psychopathy is a disorder that overlaps with, but is distinguishable from, ASPD.

Borderline Personality Disorder

Individuals showing petulant borderline characteristics are unpredictable and difficult to please. They are often irritable and prone to outbursts of anger and frustration, and they are impatient with other people and quick to become disillusioned when they don’t get what they want. As a consequence of their tendency to be willful and defiant, people with petulant borderline traits are often stubborn, defensive, and unwilling to admit when they are wrong. Their relationships can be loving but are always complex, and they often engage in passive-aggressive behaviors as a way of lashing out at people who displease them.


Explosive sadists are distinguished for sudden eruptions of uncontrollable rage, frequently vented against members of their own family as safe targets. Explosive sadists appear to be coping competently until some unknown threshold is reached, after which they react instantaneously with abusive defiance and possibly physical violence. In contrast to other sadists, their displays of aggression are not used instrumentally to dominate others, but instead, release pent-up feelings of frustration or humiliation. Neither do they conduct themselves in a surly and truculent manner. Many are hypersensitive to feelings of betrayal, or they may be deeply frustrated by the futility and hopelessness of life.


Misanthropy is a general hatred, dislike, distrust or contempt of the human species or human nature. A misanthrope or misanthropist is someone who holds such views or feelings. The word's origin is from the Greek words μῖσος (mīsos, "hatred") and ἄνθρωπος (ānthropos, "man, human"). The condition is often confused with asociality.

Major Conflicts


Vekkisul destroying the Sparxian homeworld

Ancient Omniversal Arc

  • Vekkisul vs. Jason
  • Vekkisul vs. The Caretakers
  • Vekkisul vs. Elder Mazoth
  • Vekkisul vs. The Elder Council
  • Grand Omniversal Conflict
  • Vekkisul vs. Malum Zena
  • Vekkisul vs. The Hivekeeper
  • The Omniversal Butcherings
  • Vekkisul vs. Malum Resistance
  • Vekkisul vs. Malum Hurando
  • Vekkisul vs. The Entity (lower form)
  • Vekkisul vs. The Resistance
  • Creation/Release of SCP-001
  • Vekkisul (avatar) vs. Heris
  • Vekkisul (avatar) vs. Zeta Jeno
  • Massacre of the Prime Zetas

Omniversal Rule

  • Vekkisul (shadow form) vs. The Enforcer
  • Vekkisul (near-perfect form) vs. Daevas - First Battle
  • The Omnislaughter
  • Vekkisul (imperfect form) vs. Velnias (final form)
  • Vekkisul vs. Prime Omegas
  • Vekkisul vs. Omega Samos
  • Vekkisul vs. Omega Daemon
  • First Omniversal Collapse
  • Vekkisul (Beast form) vs. Jerius of Nekrus
  • Vekkisul (Beast form) vs. Sarus of Nekrus
  • Vekkisul (cosmic form) vs. Omniversal Resistance
  • Vekkisul (cosmic form) vs. Cranos
  • The Dreadhood vs. Legions of Angels
  • Vekkisul vs. Hollister (avatar)
  • Vekkisul (near-perfect form) vs. Daevas - Final Battle
  • The Uprising

Post-Omniversal Rule

  • Vekkisul (avatar) vs. Order of Shadows
  • Prime Alphas vs. Daevas (puppet conflict)
  • Vekkisul (avatar) vs. Legend
  • Corruption of Deta/Deta Civil War
  • Vekkisul (nightmare form) vs. Senat
  • Vekkisul (through Laverenth) vs. New Champions - First Battle
  • Vekkisul (titan form) vs. New Champions - Second Battle
  • Sirocians vs. Stellar Republic (puppet conflict)
  • The Stellar Wars
  • Vekkisul (nightmare form) vs. Senat
  • Vekkisul (avatar) vs. Crypt (junior mage)
  • Vekkisul (cosmic form) vs. New Champions - Finale

Powers and Abilities

Malum Attributes

Vekkisul is the very essence of hatred and has powers beyond our comprehension, though a majority of them are restricted due to his banishment into The Edge. Still, Vekkisul poses as an unimaginable threat and has Omniversal-altering powers, even while in his restricted state.

  • Absolute immortality: Vekkisul is above the concept of death and unable halt his existence, even if he wishes it. He explained to Spark that death itself cowers before his presence and will not affect him no matter the circumstances. Even when utilizing the power of the Chaos Stones, Legend was unable to kill Vekkisul and simply ended up fatally injuring his allies.
  • Invulnerability: As well as being immune to death, Vekkisul is either immune to or has an intense resistance to harm/pain, even by divine means. He is shown to have a somewhat fluid form, as Crypt's energy blasts simply flew through him. When he wishes to, Vekkisul can take on a physical form and thus allows himself to be harmed, though doing so is either extremely difficult or near impossible. He is immune to all forms of mortal weaponry (ex. guns, swords, poison, explosions), divine objects, and the Chaos Stones themselves.
  • Omnipresence: Vekkisul is the embodiment of hatred and is thus capable of being (either physically or spiritually) in all places at the same time. Jason's caretakers often warned him that The Shadow Malum "sees and hears all things", possibly hinting at his abilities of omnipresence.
  • Omnilock: At the Phase Two finale, in which Aka Manah wiped out everything, Vekkisul was able to tap out of reality and return after Manah's death, allowing him to reshape the void into his own vision of a "perfect" Omniverse. According to Daevas, Vekkisul also "slipped under my shit" for a majority of Phases Six through Seven, meaning that he somehow willingly left reality.
  • Creationism: Vekkisul is known by his "children" as the Ultimate Creator. Though he did not create evil itself, he did bring life to a race of unbelievably powerful beings named the Prime Zetas, though he was eventually forced to erase them out of existence as they became too powerful. Vekkisul has the power to create or recreate entire dimensions, multiverses, or create an entirely new Omniverse.
  • Umbral Mimicry: Being a literal product of the darkness, Vekkisul's main "body" is made up completely of concentrated darkness, which he can manipulate or generate more of at will. He is able to extend his limbs to no limit, generate completely new limbs, or become a literal shadow.
  • Fourth Wall Awareness: Vekkisul is completely aware that his entire reality is a fictional universe within the Hollister's imagination. By the final stages of Phase Twelve (the confirmed final season of the main Multiversal Legends timeline), Vekkisul abandons his intentions of wiping out sentient life in the Omniverse and instead attempts to break free of his reality.
  • Omniversal Manipulation: As mentioned in the understory of Legend's chronicle library, Vekkisul apparently has an "unlimited influence over our Omniverse, the Omniverse of the future, and the Omniverse of past lives. His abilities span both a generation and an instance." In other words, Vekkisul can manipulate, shift, twist, add onto, or take away from the Omniverse in any way he pleases.
    • Omniversal Telepathy: Shortly after his initial encounter with Vekkisul, Crypt mentioned that the Zoren'zoth hivemind possesses limitless telepathy and can directly read, influence, and shatter minds. Vekkisul has also utilized omnipathy in the past during his banishment to The Edge in order to influence the steps leading up to his eventual release.
  • Insanity Inducement: Rex and Senat both went to the brink of insanity after merely looking into Vekkisul's eyes, hinting at a much more powerful psychic presence at play. Malroc, one of the fiercest warriors in the known Omniverse, fears to face Vekkisul directly during confrontation.
  • Anti-God Physiology: Though some argue that Nekrozoth best fits the title of chaos god, Vekkisul is a somewhat closer fit based on his destructive abilities alone. He possesses near-infinite amounts of energy through discord and created the seven chaos gods from the Warhammer 40k mythos. He is feared as both the consumer and corrupter of mortal mind and world.
  • Chaos Manipulation: Similair to Nekrozoth's powers of pandemonium control, Vekkisul can create, shape, and manipulate the chaotic forces of the Omniverse. Vekkisul has the potential of destroying entire multi-inverses along with influencing discord and violence across them. He serves as the overarching main antagonist for a majority of the Multiversal Legends saga alongside Nekrozoth, manipulating and perpetrating events across the entirety of the series.
  • Apocalyptic Empowerment: Vekkisul lives only to topple both man and civilization, feeding off feelings of despair and hatred of one's own species. He seeks to bring the apocalypse of times and watch as man destroys itself. At the finale of the Old Omniverse Arc of the Multiversal Champions spin-off, Omegus explained that his desire to bring forth the end was a futile effort at empowering Vekkisul and bringing him into reality as the supreme being.
  • Ultipotence: The Shadow Malum, being in a state of being beyond comprehension, has access to unlimited amounts of energy. As shown during the pilot for Legends of the Omniverse, Vekkisul was able to fuel the darkest corners of the Omniverse, infinitely and without limit.
  • Umbrakinesis: Vekkisul has unlimited control over the essence of darkness and is able to shape, twist, add to, or manipulate it in any way he wishes. He can also shape physical constructs out of darkness, create shadow flames, and take on the form of a cloud of shadows.
    • Shadow Puppetry: Vekkisul is able to manipulate the real world via shadows, or even extend himself through shadows or take the form of a literal shadow himself. While in the sub-conscious realm he takes the form of a shadow and torments Senat through shadows of his family. While attempting to manifest himself Eldor he uses shadows to influence the planet's events.
    • Shadow Branches: Vekkisul is often seen surrounded by darkness constructs somewhat resembling lifeless tree branches, which he can apparently manipulate and control at will. He used said branches at the season three finale to impale Senat numerous times.
  • Omnimanifestation: Though he mainly takes one of three forms, Vekkisul is capable of appearing as anything he desires, even taking different forms from the perspective of different people. Vekkisul has no apparent true form, allowing him to take on the appearance of any being, animal, etc.
  • Anti-Matter Manipulation: Vekkisul holds control over anti-matter itself, possessing the ability to shape, create, and manipulate anti-matter particles at will. He is capable of firing suppressed streams of anti-matter capable of impairing nearly anything from his eyes, mouth, or hands along with releasing anti-matter through various attacks.
  • Vocifery: Vekkisul's voice alone commands the conflicting powers of the Omniverse and are mentioned to hold the ability of giving or taking life through words alone, similar to the Hollister's infinite powers of mysticism. Simply by speaking, Vekkisul brought the concept of hatred into the Omniverse, ultimately leading to the downfall of the Hollister's perfect creation (though he chose not to interfere).
  • Paradox Inducement: As an eldritch abomination far above mortal conception and thought, Vekkisul was capable of disobeying the rules of logic and reality, as he was one of the forces responsible of bringing the current Multi-Universe into existences by forming hatred. During the Dreadhood's genocide of the remaining Sparxian people, Vekkisul demonstrated this ability by rewriting every rule of logic to work in his army's favor.
  • Anti-Matter Manipulation: Vekkisul holds control over anti-matter itself, possessing the ability to shape, create, and manipulate anti-matter particles at will. He is capable of firing suppressed streams of anti-matter capable of impairing nearly anything from his eyes, mouth, or hands along with with releasing anti-matter through various attacks.
  • The Red Sun: Vekkisul possesses complete control over the Red Sun, the phyiscal personification of hatred within the Omniverse. Capable of being summoned and manipulated by The Shadow Malum, alongside of being the single most destructive force in the Multi-Universe. The Sun was brought into existence by The Harbringer, who sought to plant a fail safe in the event that one of his creations gained too much power. The Sun spreads rapidly and can decimate nearly any sentient being.
    • Red Rays: The Red Sun's rays may be controlled and released by Vekkisul, though he rarely prefers to come into conflicts directly despite his immensive attributes. He often uses the rays whilst in his true form, which were capable of striking Elder Mazoth from the Ancient Haethans.

Human Skills

As his human vessel, Johnathan Heathen, Vekkisul's absolute potential is heavily restricted, though he still retains immense influence over the forces of both hatred and darkness. Heathan is the Cheif Executive Officer of Napal Conglomerate, acting director of the Omniversal Liberty Army, and a powerful user of both chaos magic and master of manipulation. Heathen is a skilled marksmen, a master orator, and the figurehead of his own military junta, Napal 6.

  • Nigh Immorality: Heathen, being an extension of the Vekkisul hivemind, is granted near immortality. He possesses an immunity to bullets, explosions, nuclear weapons, light magic, and survived seven nuclear detonations in one instance. His physical boy doesn't require the same care and nourishment as other mortals, as it is merely an incarnation. This immunity allows him to bypass common human causes of death such as starvation, dehydration, lethal tumors, and illnesses.
  • Peak Human Conditioning: Despite his nonthreatening figure, Heathen's human avatar is at the peak of human mental and physical conditioning. His bare fists alone were shown to strike with enough force to break through both stones pillars and aluminum doors. In addition, Heathen's mental state is above human and contains super sanity along with his base form. Heathen's bodily attribute, such as speed, strength, endurance, and intellect are above humane.
    • Super Sanity: Heathen is in an advanced mental state known as super sanity, allowing him to precept reality as what reality really is. His mental capacity is far beyond that of any mortal and, due to his Malum origins, holds knowledge incomprehensible to mere mortals. He is ideologically brilliant and possesses a superior intellect along with the ability to render gaslighting and all forms of manipulation powerless against him.


The Shadow Malum can take the form of you're deepest fear. Your one and only hatred. There is no desire to be loved in the void that was once his heart. His only desire is to be feared. Respected, feared, and HATED.
~ Xeron describing Lord Vekkisul

His one true, complete is said to be incomprehensible to the mortal eye and drives anybody who dares to lay eyes upon it to instant insanity. While cross-figuring across dimensions, Jack Spark catches a glimpse of Vekkisul's true form, describing it as somewhat resembling Parallax from the Green Lantern franchise. His true form is the complete embodiment of wrath across the Omniverse, thus giving it near omnipresence as well.

When in his basic avatar, Vekkisul appears as a shadow-like monster formed from darkness alone and often accompanied by a dark mist or general distortion. He has a relatively skinny build with razor claws, teeth, and horns, which form into a crown above his head. His head is oval shaped and reflects Vekkisul 's four, slanted red eyes. He has jet black spikes dug into his shoulders. A large red distortion goes down his chest, giving off a menacing red glow. Though the bottom half of his body is somewhat missing, he can extend a pair of legs when need be. Said legs can also extend to enormous heights, particularly when chasing the group through Cherry Red Hills. In his monstrous daemonic form, his face can distort to display two slits angled in opposite direction, a sleeker build, a slender red tongue, and several arms and pincers.

Along with his "base" form, Vekkisul takes on multiple other appearances throughout the course of the series, which include a gigantic arachnid, a fleshy red eye, a series of burnt roots, a humanoid figure formed from shadows, and a large cloud of darkness with red lights breaking out from inside (both exclusive to the Multiversal Legends Film Universe).



I hate them all.
~ Vekkisul's first words in the series
Nephew. So NAIVE. These people will never except you for being yourself. You will never achieve peace. This world is destined to destroy until it tears itself apart. There is no hope for us. There is no safehaeven. People want to fear, Jason. Why don't you help them along?
~ Vekkisul exploiting Jason
Let's see here...chaos...disorder...control....envy....wrath...and greed. It is done. It is FINISHED.
~ Vekkisul creating The Edge
Jason. Sly little JASON. (Jason: You want to murder them. The Malums. The Elders. You want to take over.) So you know. I had ONE rule for you while you were under my protection....DON'T GO IN!!!
~ Vekkisul as Jason discovers his motives in the Forbidden Room
Freaks. That's what we are. We're all FREAKS!! When they pound that word into you're head every day, EVERY NIGHT, it starts to consume you. It begins to take over. You're colors have never been so clear until that moment. We will find them, brothers. ALL OF THEM!! We will murder them to the last breath. The women, the children, leave no survivors! We will take over. We will claim what is OURS and OURS alone to rule! And finally, after the dust has settled and we have prevailed, we will create a new Omniverse. A better one. Any questions?
~ Vekkisul's most famous speech
(Nezran: You're behind all of this, cousin!?) You have no idea...
~ Vekkisul and Nezran during his invasion
There are always ends to justify you're means. And do you know what they called me? They said I was selfish. They said I was sick. They spat in my face, cursing my name, convincing me I would never amount to anything. So I sealed myself away. And I looked at this world from another angle. The CORRECT, angle. These people? You're "friends"? You don't mean anything to them. Power is the only freedom. Control is the only power. Chaos is the only control. Do you see the pattern yet? My powers are limitless compared to you'res. Now, you will see what happens when people deny authority. Not unstable authority, mind you, but the proper authority. See it? Are you that blind? I AM THE AUTHORITY. I...AM...YOUR...GOD.
~ Vekkisul's message
Search every star, every dimensions, and do not rest until their last breath is within you're grasp. Then, you have my permission to KILL.
~ Vekkisul sending the Prime Zetas to hunt down the remaining Omegas and Alphas
You're...impossible. This isn't happening. I am Zoren'zoth. I AM THE ONE GOD!!!
~ Daevas confronting Zoren'zoth
I am hatred itself. Feeding through every word, every whisper, every lie that ever leaves you're blasphemous little mouth. You cannot escape me, just as you cannot escape you're fate. I am the fate you fear, and the fate you run from. But I'll catch up. I always do.
~ Vekkisul describing himself
You're salvager has arrived.
~ Vekkisul wiping out the Zetas
Nobody is safe. Nothing escape my eye. Hide. Scream. Beg for your savior. PLEAD for you're Daevas to save you. It doesn't matter. This pitiful creation is now under my control. And in my world, we're all freaks.
~ Vekkisul taking control of the Omniverse
The nightmare isn't over, children. It's only beginning...
~ Vekkisul as he kills off an entire generation of Prime Alphas
You are incapable of killing me. (Daevas: Yeah, no shit. But me? I'm fucking IMMORTAL.) There is no denying that. But what about you're child?
~ Vekkisul threatening to murder Devos
En...En'zra Uroun rehrh ker ghkserg hksh!!!!
~ Vekkisul as he is sealed into The Edge

Legends of the Omniverse

Power? Power can be stripped from you. Power can be bestowed. That's why it fails.
~ Vekkisul reentering the Omniverse
Why can't you just grapple the thought? I AM SUPREME. There is no "other" evil than me. I am twisted on a level beyond you're understanding. I am distorted on a basis higher than you mortals call "immoral". Just putting myself through that seems torturous. Lowering my own standards to appease the category of you're so-called "pure evil". I am you're ruler. No, I'm you're emperor. I am you're god.
~ Vekkisul to Crypt as he manifests himself into Elder
The gateway from Oblivion to the Haevens will fall. There will be no more BARRIERS separating me from this reality.
~ Zoren'zoth preparing to destroy the barrier between Oblivion and Haeven
And you failed. Yet again. (Laverenth: I-i-it wasn't me. It's the council, master. The council is side with them. They...they won't LISTEN to me! I've destroyed the evidencd. They have no based! And...and those STUPID FUCKING..!!) Enough. Do you understand what can happen? They will remove me from this world. (Laverenth: I...I...) You lost. It's time for a new approach. (Laverenth: What kind of 'new approach'?) Kill them. Kill them all.
~ Vekkisul confronting Laverenth about his failure
Death will seem like an escape from the torment I will put you through...
~ Vekkisul putting his cruelty on full display
(Senat: Please...stop. You control the Stellar Arm. You have what you want. Now leave.) Do I,? Do you expect me to be CONTENT with controlling this void? No, far from it. The Stellar Arm is merely a step in the grand scheme of things. After this war, the Sicorians will take over. And, if you haven't noticed already, they aren't a very merciful bunch. This fallen kingdom will serve as the building blocks for a new order. And order of discord. An order of fear. Good people will turn horrible. Horrible people will die. Everything will be nothing. I will watch as it builds itself up until collapsing. Nothing. No more people. No more problems. Then I will finally be content. Maybe.
~ Vekkisul revealing his role in starting the Stellar Wars.
I am fully capable of sympathizing with the pains of others. I simply choose not to do so with man, or any 'intelligent' life for that matter.
~ Vekkisul explaining his motives
I SEE yooouuuuu....
~ Vekkisul stalking the heroes in Cherry Red Hills
You failed. You ALL did.
~ Zoren'zoth's supposed truimpth
You are in place of utter paranoia. In a place of sadists. In a place of horror. In a place of rotting memories. In a place of the betrayed. In a place of the vengeful. In a pit of wrath. In a tomb of despair. Welcome.
~ The Edge
The destruction of a cosmos is pitifull compared to what I am capable of.
~ Vekkisul
(Crypt: They care about me. You know they do.) Really? Do friends let friends lay in the cold? Do friends let friends slip into near suicide? (Crypt: They...they don't KNOW that!!) But I do. I know all. Every whispers, every tear. I feed off it. I have come to terms with what I am. Now you must as well. You are LOST. (Crypt: LIAR!) Liar'? But every word that has left my mouth is true. You are lost. You are confused. You are angry. So, VERY angry. There is no escape from you're truth. They will never understand you. NEVER...
~ Vekkisul attempting to manipulate Crypt
~ Vekkisul's most famous quote
Nekrozoth? Nekrozoth holds no weight when put into context with what I am capable of. Nekrozoth conquers. Rules. A pleasent feeling, isn't it? The feeling of control. I sought it for YEARS, and it was always JUST out of my grasp. But now? Control is no longer a nessecity for me. I control what I want. I control what benefits me. I control people. And with people, there is hope. For me, of course. While your precious Nekrozoth seeks omnicide, I seek a much higher goal. A goal beyond your understanding. So, what have we learned today?
~ Vekkisul about Nekrozoth
It's over. For you, and you're pitiful race.
~ Vekkisul opening The Arc
Let's see what you can do.
~ Vekkisul during the season 2 finale
Why, look how you've GROWN!!
~ Zoren'zoth mocking Legend shortly before his death
I far will I have to push you to make you WALK. How much do I have to take to make you SEE. This is an Omniverse of opinions. A Multi-Universe made up of conflicting ideas, each one ripping at the other. It's tearing us apart. And still, you fail to realize that. You place your mistakes onto the monster. You place them on ME.
~ Vekkisul expressing his hatred for the human race
~ Vekkisul before his defeat

Phase One

This dimension cannot hold me forever, you know. All I need is a little push, and I can finally interact with reality once more. We had an arrangement, didn't we? (Aka Manah: I'm not the kind to respect an agreement.) Oh, but you will.
~ Vekkisul and Aka Manah
Your creator is nothing. He saw you as a tool. I see you as potential. You remind me of myself, a little. And with what I can offer you? The Omega will BEG for your authority. Thousands will suffer in your presence alone. Doesn't that sound lovely?
~ Vekkisul offering Manah the Celestial Saphire
(Jack Spark: Holy shit! It's Crusty the Clown but black!) So you remembered? Good. All the better. Now I have a reason to TEAR. YOU. APART.
~ Jack Spark confronting and mocking Vekkisul
I've been here for eras and eras...and every time you've disappointed me. Every uprising, every human resistance always ended in slaughter. Violence is natural for you. It's instinctual. (Mazon: Your a fool to believe that you will victor. Your empire will collapse on all do...) you fail to understand the simplest of things.
~ Vekkisul as he prepares to kill Elder Mazon, the final Malum


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Georges Suicide

Georges Suicide

Vekkisul's first victim

Caillou's Dead

Caillou's Dead

The next victims...


  • Vekkisul began as a Creepypasta written by Adie98, which was ultimately rejected by the Creepypasta wiki. Recycling source material and images he created, Vekkisul (originally Azoth) was brought into the Multiversal Legends series as the ovarching true main antagonist.
  • Despite making several cameo appearences in Phases One through Four alone, Vekkisul does not make a physical, debut appearence until Phase Seven, in which he poses as the true main antagonist (alongside Nekrozoth and Grandmaster Chaos).
  • Vekkisul's appearence was inspired by Valak ("Great President of Hell" and an antagonist in the Conjuring franchise), Zalgo (an ever-powerful Creepypasta turned meme), and Nekrozoth, the true main antagonist of the ML series.
  • Although he is superior in nearly every aspect, Vekkisul shares several similarities with the sadistic demonic hatemonger Aka Manah:
    • Both were mistreated by their respective societies and were driven to the brink of insanity because of it.
    • Both are text-book definitions of sociopaths.
    • Both exploit and murder with little to no remorse or guilt for their actions.
    • Both have committed unspeakable atrocities (the decimation of the Fifth Realm for Manah, the genocide of multiple species for Vekkisul).
    • Both seek to spread hatred and fear.
    • Both outgrew and eventually killed their respective creators (Ahriman for Manah, the Elders for Vekkisul).
    • Both hate children and enjoy abusing them.
  • Vekkisul possesses a rare ability known as Zentipotence, the power to do anything and more. Though this ability's full potential is heavily restricted due to his imprisonment in The Edge, Vekkisul does utilize it on multiple occasions with cataclysmic results.
    • This ability is repressed by a transcendant power known as Absolute Zentipotence (or Alternate Zentipotence) possessed by The Hollister, making Vekkisul the second powerfullest character in the ML mythos (preceeded by Malsumis).
  • During the developing stages of Legends of the Omniverse, Vekkisul was intended to be a minor villain in season one rather than the overarching main antagonist of the Multiversal Legends series as a whole.
  • Similarily to Malsumis, Vekkisul poses as one of the only overarching antagonist who does not completely qualify for "complete monster" as he has engaged in every vile action besides rape and animal cruelty, unlike Nekrozoth. He has, however, committed countless atrocities that have recently qualified him for the CM page.
  • Along with his "base" form, Vekkisul takes on multiple other appearances throughout the course of the series, which include a gigantic arachnid, a fleshy red eye, a series of burnt roots, a humanoid figure formed from shadows, and a large cloud of darkness with red lights breaking out from inside (both exclusive to the Multiversal Legends Film Universe).
  • Vekkisul was once called "the Zalgo of Multiversal Legends" during his early stages as a character before his design was modified by Adie98 to distance him from the many incarnations of Zalgo, mainly the one seen in the webcomic series Pastamonsters.
  • In spite of Vekkisul's prominence as a heartless sadist, he shows numerous symptoms of Borderline Personality Disorder and was allegedly the first (along with the only) Malum created with the ability to feel emotion. His actions are based solely on the being's misanthropic and cynical outlook on reality.
  • Vekkisul was, in ways, the driving force for Nekrozoth's origin story and one of the contributing factors to his dive into insanity. He also orated the rise of Aka Manah and the Alpha's eventual downfall.
  • Interestingly, nearly every extension of the Vekkisul Hivemind serves as a personification for a certain aspect of Vekkisul's persona, with The Dark One portraying his exploitive and sadistic tendencies whereas Lord Maeror embodies Vekkisul's core trait, hatred.
  • Although he is considered one of the overarching main antagonists of the Multiversal Legends universe, nearly all images of Vekkisul are sourced from corrupted paintings of ancient Chitari or ML concept art.
    • In the upcoming novel and the main canon, Vekkisul is described as, "a being of all and no solid form. It stood before me, distorting all around us. The god was shaped from what seemed to be tens of millions of jet black crystals, surrounded by black fog. Only his eyes pierced through."


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