You think you're so high, wait until I hang you on the branches of the World Tree with your guts spilling out, then we'll see how high you really are.
~ Vowel, threatening the High-Elf King Radnin
We really need to find a better enslavement method, I keep getting horrible foot stools
~ Vowel, complaining about his "foot stools"
The HUNT is on and you're the GAME
~ Vowel, taunting.

Nonuninane Vanehiroku also known for simplicity's sake as Vowel is a powerful demi-varud (half varud and half dark elf) who would manage to conquer all of Nidlor and gather numerous varud forces from across the realms and attack the gods and the precious realm of Milruar.

He is the famed Shadow Hunter, infamous for his cruelty and desire to seek "the thrill of the hunt". He is known for his sadistic pleasures, lacerating captured innocents and hanging them either on stakes/sticks or hanging along to a noose hung on the wall. With numerous trophy rooms scattered across Nidlor full of body parts involving various wildlife and even other elves, he is many things, including but not limited to: a gore-enthusiast, shameless necrophiliac, slave trader-owner, multiversal trophy hunter, racist and vicious despot.


Nonuninane was born to a cult of dark elves. The dark elves were lowly elves that turned to the alluring power of dark magic in order to combat the oppressive cast system all across Nidlor. The cult was already growing and gaining attention, many of the lowly elves converting and pulling off strikes against their ungrateful and parasitic masters.

The young Nonuninane did not know his father, only knew his mother for a short time. She was but a lowly girl who worked in one of the many kitchens scattered across the vast cult. When he was four, he and many other children were taken to be raised in the cult's camps, training them to become assassins that shall depose the corrupt and liberate worlds. The young child was teased for his long and confusing name, from then on he was referred to as "Vowel" both as a tease and for simplicity's sake. Vowel immediately showed signs of potential, besting many others. The young one's impressive results would lead to many of his masters to maximize cultivating his talent. Soon he began to bite back against his bullies, and later on he would become the bully.

He terrorized and harassed his peers without remorse, driving some of them to suicide, and him doing outright unspeakable acts such as castrating one of his male peers and feeding him the cleaved off flesh.

He was ruthlessly trained, wearing bands of heavy iron across his body and climb a mountain. Survive in monster-infested woods, swim in the cold waters of a channel or swamp. Vowel only grew as a capable assassin as a result. Soon whenever he was left to fend for himself in the woods, he would manage to terrorize small indigenous tribes, killing their leader and taking both young elven men and women as his sex servants, eating their food and starving the tribe until his masters would find him. He began killing government officials at age twelve, and eventually when he was sixteen he would surpass his own masters, and kill them in their sleep, torturing the ones he had a special contempt for. He would appoint those of his choosing to his side as new masters of their branch.

The Dark Elves were running rampant across Nidlor. Vowel desired to take the reigns, at age 24 he would rise up against the leader of the Dark Elves, killing him and his soldiers before taking the throne for himself. Gaining the title "The Usurper King", Vowel would revolutionize everything. As the cult's holy leader he would take what he wanted and do as he pleased, raping, pillaging and murdering whatever he desired. He would prove himself as the most powerful of the dark elves, and battle the High-Elf kings themselves.

Throughout this new reign, Vowel would scourge the realm with his dark might. Beginning to learn the dark arts of magic while imposing cruel methods on his opponents. He would gain some kind of gore fetish, and be reckless with his sexual advances. He would do battle with the High-Elf gods, but his dark power would surpass theirs.

The High Elf god-king Huyvar and his queen Junra would be crucified, and be tortured, slowly siphoned of their life force. The fire god Fandrix would arrive to their rescue and do battle with Vowel. In the end however Vowel would decapitate Fandrix with his own saber.

Soon the High Elf gods would be taken care of and Vowel himself ruled as the one elf god of all of Nidlor.

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Vowel is incredibly cruel, so much so that many within Nidlor consider him as cruelty personified. He is malicious and takes pleasure in the suffering of others, he frequently tries to find anyone to torment. He constantly gives eerie smiles and sinister grins, incredibly nonchalant and in a state of constant jest even when such grim things are happening all around him. Vowel is simply desensitized to all the death and suffering all around him.

Vowel loves gore, from watching gladiator shows to enacting such things on his enemies and prisoners of war he just cannot help himself when it comes to the topic. He seems to have some sort of fetish for hanging his enemies, which in turn leads to his sexual tendencies. Vowel is lecherous, some say as lecherous as Cromwellius himself. But Vowel is rather different, he loves knife play, the spilling of blood, skulls, bondage and other sorts of beyond vanilla types of sexual play. He is a shameless necrophiliac, much to the disturbance of even his most loyal subordinates, taking beautiful corpses which he finds from the battlefield. He also doesn't seem to have any boundaries for age, meaning he is perfectly fine with having sexual intercourse with minors (aka pedophilia), be it consensual or not.

Vowel is a clear psychopath, his manipulative personality and constant urge to make single individuals bend. He's petty and doesn't tolerate even the most harmless of slights, he is a prideful and greedy individual that overall ensures fear is most widespread amongst those around him. He is, as Fandrix would put it, an elf of unheard cruelty and injustice.

Powers and Abilities


  • Demi-Varud Physiology: As a Demi-Varud, Vowel possesses numerous abilities that can be considered superhuman. Thanks to his constant training and use of dark magic implentations, he is stronger than even a "normal" Varud.
    • Super Strength: Vowel can clearly lift beyond 100 tons, and has the striking potency capable of eliminataing stars.
      • Super Striking Strength
    • Super Speed: Vowel is capable of moving at incredible speeds, the limits of this are unknown but considering he has faced Elven gods of speed, wind and light, it's possible he's faster than light.
    • Super Dexterity
    • Invulnerability: Vowel is invulnerable to most attacks, showing himself to be almost completely retardant to fire, unaffected by lightning, unfazed by physical strikes and even those of the magical kind.
    • Super Senses: Vowel was always born with better senses, especially audiovisually and olfactory. He can recognize objects coming at him and react even the moment they are fired.
      • Light Speed Reaction Time
    • Magic Affinity: Vowel possesses a natural affinity for magic due to his mixed heritage. Both Varud and Elves are naturally gifted with being closer to magic, with both of his parents being such, magic becomes easier for him to learn and understand as well as resist.
    • Pain Transfer
      • Pain Threshold
    • Psychokinesis Immunity
    • Regenerative Healing Factor: Vowel can heal at an incredible rate, shrugging off what are supposed to be mortal wounds and fatal blows and regenerating within a second. Some claim he can even do it at a molecular level.
      • Biological Immortality
    • Dark Elf Blood: The blood within Vowel's veins are coated in a powerful dark magic beyond most explanation. This prevents Vowel's blood from being controlled as well as assist his healing factor in the prevention of further bleeding. Vowel's blood can also heal other dark elves, act as recipes for spells and potions and corrupt natural life.
  • Dark Sorcery Mastery: Varud is a master of dark sorcery, and as a result has a plethora of reality-warping abilities.
    • Healing Prevention: Vowel can use his magic to nullify the healing factors of his foes
    • Curse Mark: Allows Vowel to mark someone, whoever is marked shall bend to his will
    • Time Freeze
      • Time Freeze Immunity
    • Portal Creation
    • Energy Manipulation
    • Matter Manipulation
      • Elemental Manipulation
      • Size Manipulation
    • Fear Manipulation
      • Nightmare Manipulation
    • Necromancy
    • Animancy
    • Mind Control
    • Weather Manipulation
    • Memory Erasure
    • Precognition
    • Power Augmentation
    • Power Bestowal
    • Power Removal
    • Avatar Creation/Manifestation
    • Animal Control
      • Animal Communication


  • Ultimate Killer: Vowel has (been) trained to become an elite hunter-killer ever since he was a child, considering the centuries that have passed, it's no doubt he has mastered the art.
    • Ultimate Assassination Skills
    • Ultimate Stealth
      • Seduction
      • Disguises
    • Ultimate Combat Skills
    • Ultimate Weapons Mastery
  • Master Strategist: Vowel is a master strategist, planning so that even when the most unpredictable or unfavorable happens he always comes out on top. His plans are built so that he is always a few steps ahead from his opponent, this has also lead to numerous other skills as well.
    • Master Criminologist
    • Master Detective
    • Mastery on Forensics
  • Polyglotism


  • Hevenite: Hevenite is a uru that is capable of harming dark elves. Dark Elves are "blessed" with dark Malfestation energy, the direct opposite of the pure creative energy located within Hevenite. As a result Hevenite weapons work more effectively against dark elves.


  • Mylr the Shadow Spear: Vowel wields a jet-black spear known as Mylr (elvish for long-tooth). Mylr can pierce through even the toughest of armors and grows stronger every time it tastes fresh god's blood. The spear is said be so sharp it can cleave atoms.
  • Saber of Fandrix: The saber of the fallen High-Elf god of fire, Fandrix. It is a saber coated with a great blue fire, it does not harm the user or any the user considers its ally, but is hotter than stars to its foes. Known to burn enemies completely into ash with a single strike.
  • Amulet of the Dark Fae: An amulet that once belonged to the old dark elf king before he usurped his throne. The amulet acts as a conduit for the dark manna, and allows the user to tap into a large pool of said manna. It amplifies the wearer's power and allows them the ability to know the secrets of those before them.
  • Robe of Dark Tirade: A robe that once belonged to the old dark elf king before he usurped his throne. The robe is said to be tougher than dragonscales and is composed of mysterious hairs that deter things with Hevenite within them.


  • The name Nonuninane uses all of the vowels in the English alphabet once, hence his name vowel. This works better with the fact that it also works on his surname.
  • In Elf-tongue, Nonuninane means "Relentless Hunter" while Vanehiroku means "Plains of Shadow". This means his full name means "The Relentless Hunter in/from the Plains of Shadow".
  • Vowel is clearly based off of numerous real life figures, one of the most prominent of course being Vlad the Impaler, known for his vicious and gory acts towards his enemies as well as animals.
  • He's clearly taken from Malekith (Marvel). Which makes sense given Cromwellian Mythology's heavy inspirations from Nordic mythology and superhero comics.
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