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Weaponry (real name Marquis) is a supreme god of forges and weapons in the Multiversal Legends Mythos. He is good friends with Daevas and possibly as powerful as him though he sees Nekrozoth as a threat to him. He is also a arms dealer for both sides of Nekrozoth and Deus's War.


Not much is known of Weaponry's backstory is, but it is heavily stated that he existed since the beginning of time and is good friends with Daevas. He lives at a dimension called the Mega Forge where he makes all sorts of weapons.

In his dimension, People across the multiverse go to him to have him craft a object or weapon but in a price. For example, if you want somebody like Velnias to be killed, he will ask you for something very expansive that will be hard for you to get. The reason why he wants a certain is either he want some loot without getting it for himself, or to help him craft that object.

It was he that Gave Nekrozoth the Helm Of Chaos/omega that boosted Nekrozoth's Power. It's unknown why he did that but he said that he is funding both Nekrozoth and Deus's war, making him a arms dealer. The reason why he is funding both of their war is unknown

Powers and Abilities

He can make any powerful weapon to kill the likes of a supreme being. He is said to be more powerful than Aka Manah and Chernobog and can kill them with a simple mortal hammer.

He MAYBE as powerful as Daevas but it's unknown if it's true or not. It is confirm that he is more powerful than Lighron and Xeron combine, the godsof science and magic.

He is obviously omnipotent in his realm, can appear and disappear on a whim. He Knows every type of weapon in existence. He has the power to destroy or create, and can simply wipe a person from existence with a tap of a hammer.


Weaponry is cool, a neutral, and calm being. He is a skilled forge master, and knows how make a perfect weapon to kill a god.

Weaponry shows be very interest in Nekrozoth and Deus's relationship for some reason. he does show respects to Deus for caring about his family and his own kind and even showing that he would do anything to help them. He doesn't really like working with Nekrozoth since he is a genocidal maniac who seeks to cause complete Omnicide across the Omniverse which would be bad for business for him. Another reason is he also have Artillery, his nemesis, in his army and was using him to make weapons the most.

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